Accommodations Update

The new year is bringing some updates to the accommodations scheduling process and additional testing options for eligible GED® candidates.Candidates with approved accommodations have always had to call the accommodation scheduling team to make a testing appointment. Beginning mid-January, many accommodation candidates will be able to web schedule. Candidates that are approved for extra time, breaks and/or other items that do not require manual intervention will be directed in their approval letter to their GED® account to schedule. Candidates approved for a reader and/or recorder, private room or assistive technology will be directed in their approval letter to the accommodated scheduling phone line. This is a great enhancement that will allow the majority of our accommodation candidates to schedule their appointments online.

Candidates that are blind now have a new option for testing. JAWS, our screen reading technology, is available for candidates that are JAWS proficient. After receiving an accommodation approval for JAWS, the candidate will receive a keyboard shortcuts reference sheet and a link to a JAWS enabled practice test.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Debbie Bergtholdt, Accommodations Manager for Pearson VUE


  1. I have a student inmate who is missing part of her fingers on her left hand where the phalanges are suppose to be (in other words, all her finger tips are missing), but the thumb is okay. I’m not sure how well she is able to type for testing, but I’m going to continue to talk to the student alone so that I don’t embarrass her in front of her classmates.

    How do I apply for an accommodation?

  2. What is the required paper work to have these extra accommodations? I have a student who used to have paperwork on it when she was in high school, but she can’t locate the paper work. She tried calling her school already and they not have it. She left school in 2008. How should she approach this? I am her GED Advisor and I am newer to the program. So I am learning too.

    1. I am a student who already has a GED account. I got tested for LD and have the proper paperwork. How do I access the Accommodations sign-up if I already have a GED account?

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