Changes Coming to the GED Testing Service Website

The GED Testing Service website is getting a new look and a lot more! Late next month GED Testing Service’s two websites ( and will merge under the web address. This new website will hold all the information educators, students and the general public need to know about the GED test program.

In addition to a cleaner, fresher look the new website will have dedicated sections for both educators and students on the same site — instead of having to toggle back and forth between and like they do now. Both educators and students will experience a new and easier to use navigation that will help them find what they need when they need it.

Once you open the new page, educators will be able to access professional development materials without logging into an account. Our full library of classroom resources, webinars, assessment guides and more will be at your fingertips with just the simple click of the “Educators” tab on the homepage. The website will also house detailed information for GED test administrators.

Educators will be able to easily see what the student experience is like by simply exploring the student tab on the homepage. There you can find information about the GED test including cost, FAQs, access to study materials and a link to create a MyGED account to sign-up for the test.

The new GED Testing Service website was created with feedback from you! Throughout the design and test phases we spoke with educators and students from a variety of backgrounds, geographic locations and age groups. This was done to make sure we incorporate what matters to you most—a site that is easier to navigate with all the resources and information you need related to the GED test.

We will be holding a introduction and Q&A webinar shortly after the launch to walk you through the changes and answer any questions you have about content on the site. Those dates will be shared in the next In Session newsletter. We hope that you’re as excited as we are about a new unified


  1. Columbus State Community College uses the old GED testing service link for students to order their GED transcripts. That link no longer works. Is there a new link? How do they order their transcripts now? I don’t see it on this info page.

  2. It’s there is anyway to know when new jersey will accept 145 an set up 150 to pass the ged .I having hard passing just 1 test I always getting 145 ,147 and even 149 and never made it to 150 I know some state already take 145 to pass ged

    1. Keep trying. You are so close!! Everytime you take it, your score improves. You only need 1 more point! Keep studying, take the paractice test until you get 150 and you’ve got this.

      – A lady who got her GED and now has a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

  3. It’s there is anyway to know when new jersey will accept 145 an set up of 150 to pass the ged I’m having trouble of passing 1 test I always get 145.148 and even 149 and never made it to to 150
    I know some state already accept 145 to pass

    1. I guess no response means NO…. but that would be a great thing to do. I’ve taken one test three times and made 144 on all three but need a 145 to pass. My adult ed teacher told me that i did scored over 145 but they’re not approving me to pass. Sad part is I’m now paying out if pocket and have taken this subject 6 times.

  4. They need to fix the passing score grade to 140 or at least 141. Because this is my third time taken the math test. And it heartbreaking

  5. Please drop passing score to 140 on the math exam. The test is unfairly difficult even for a college grad. Please

  6. Please lower score to 140. I am 47 years old and this is really difficult for someone my age. And especially difficult for someone who was just learning long division in the 9th grade.

  7. It’s like no one wants us to succeed… the last time they had the score at 150 I took the test plenty of times and got above 145 they changed it but I didn’t get my money back for those tests that I wasted money on & now I keep getting 2 to 3 point under from 145.. seems rigged no matter what I do. Honestly it’s makes me less and less motivated to even keep going.. now I live in Missouri where I would have to travel two or more hours just to take the ged test and possibly fail, PLUS waste money!

  8. The test score needs to be lowered to 140. There’s so so many people who are struggling to get a 145 on the math test. I have passed every test but the math test. I keep getting a 141. Something needs to be done.

  9. Lowering the score should be considered.
    The math test is frustratingly unfair. There are FOUR different types of the Math tests. I understand you need to switch up the quiz’s for cheating purposes, but at the same time that is terribly confusing when you are told to study the things you failed on your last test, but the week after you’re being dealt with a completely different exam with questions you didn’t see the last time.

    I’ve scored a 144 (amongst a few scores lower previous times) on the math test and ELA after busting my butt all week studying. Changing the score to 140 would be another extreme change, I get it. Also changing the score for just one student complaint isn’t a reasonable negotiation either. However, I see there are many students who are pleading for lower scores due to the high volume of hard work that has to go into taking these tests.

    At least put it into consideration?

    A frustrated student

    1. Hi Ally,

      We do understand that this may be frustrating and we do encourage you to continue your GED journey. At this time we do not have any plans to lower the passing score for GED test subjects.

  10. I’m going to sue The math test is unfair and the score needs to be lowered. is scamming people and only care about how much money they can make. If they really wanted to help people, they would lower the math test score to 140 and help those who are stuck on the math test.

  11. I’m a lawyer and I’m going to sue The math test is unfair and the test score needs to be lowered to 140. Fix this issue or I’m going to make sure every news station is showing how unfair your test is.

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