Student Account Changes

The new is easier than ever for students to navigate and find the resources they need to succeed with the GED test program.  

During a recent webinar, I shared how GED Testing Service used student and teacher data to make navigating accounts easier, more helpful and better aligned to meet students’ needs.

This new, student-centered design gives students more test prep options—including GED resources grouped by test subject area, easier access to scheduling tests, and locating local GED preparation classes based on geographic location.

These changes, as well as GED’s ongoing student research, are focused on  identifying valuable and effective prep resources, presented in a way that is engaging (and not intimidating)!

A full walk-through of this new user experience is shared in the webinar recording and a pdf with screenshots of the account experience is available here.

–Sarita Parikh, Senior Director of Student Engagement and Strategy for GED Testing Service



    1. Hi Sharleen,

      You can reset your user password through your account. For additional assistance you can reach us at 1-877-EXAM-GED (877-392-6433).

  1. My birthday is incorrect on my G.E.D transcript copy. I’m attending CTU and the copy you sent them has my birthday name is Acy Reynold Lee and my birthday is 04-22-1962 it would be greatly appreciated if changed and resent

  2. Hello I’m having trouble getting into my account I don’t remember the password I used and also I don’t have access to the email I’m unable to reset my password really need help thank you.

  3. I took 3 out of 4 tests and I am trying to schedule my 4th and now it is telling me my account does not exist.

  4. Trying to schedule a test and I found out all the washington locations are unavailable. When I tried to sign up for an Oregon facility I got this error;
    “You selected to test in Washington when you created your MyGED™ account. Please choose a test center in Washington.”

    How can I change this?

  5. Hi
    Im davina landers
    I have two ged accounts
    I made a second one because my outlook account with the first email is not working anymore so i made two account
    I want to switch the second email in the second ged account to the first one
    I have to write my test next week
    Can you help me out please ?

  6. I can’t find the email you guys sent me and I need to be able to order my ged please help I have a job interview and there asking for it please get to me as soon as possible

  7. Help! I’ve taken 3 out of 4 GED test but it was about a year ago and I’m wanting to view my previous scores but i cant remember the email or password. I made a new account but none of my previous things are there

  8. Dear,

    Before I has took all 3 times attempting to the RLA exam and after that I have wait 2 months or 60 days already to available
    To take the exam again. But after 60 days I think that we should get another 3 times attempting to the exam again but I have
    Took 1 of it already and that’s mean I should have another 2 times to attempting the exam. But after that I try to book the test again and the website just pop up that I need to wait another 2 months t book the exam again. But my university is going to open next week and I need to take the RLA exam for me to attempting the university but at first they didn’t wait for me because my school will open tomorrow and then I talked to them( my college), They help me they said They will waited until 24 this month. Can you please unlock the time that I need to wait for 2 months and let me do the RLA exam because I actually need to do it and get it pass before the university open.

    Thank you, very much for your time and I hope that you going to reply me back on this email as soon as possible
    I already sent you an email.

    Best regards,
    Harit Thongtud

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