Recent Updates to the Online Proctored GED Test

Since the launch of the Online Proctored (O.P.) GED test pilot in late May more than 1,700 GED tests have been taken remotely.

Over the course of the pilot we have received feedback from test takers that has provided insight on how to improve the testing experience. Below we’ve outlined one of the updates coming to the O.P. testing experience.

Whiteboard and Scratch Pad Tools

Beginning in late July, an onscreen whiteboard option will be available to test takers in addition to the scratch pad tool. Due to test security reasons, students cannot use physical scratch paper or dry erase boards during test sessions and instead must use these tools for notetaking and math work. With the whiteboard students can:

  • Copy/paste exam questions into the whiteboard text box so they can see them while they work
  • Draw different shapes and lines as needed
  • Pan across the whiteboard, zooming in and out to use different areas to do the work on the same whiteboard screen
  • Erase or clear to start something new: the work will be accessible in every section during the entire exam
  • Resize or move the whiteboard around the screen

We are developing a student tutorial for the whiteboard and additional information about the tool, including the option to practice is available here:

The scratch pad tool will remain an option on the test for notetaking and calculations, but it does not have the pen functionality of the whiteboard. A student can open and close the pop-up scratch pad while taking the test.


Test Scheduling

When students log into their accounts they will see both the online and in-person test options listed if they meet the eligibility criteria and reside in a participating state.

Additional updates and reminders related to the Online Proctored GED test:

  • DC and Connecticut have started online proctored testing. 
  • Once students earn a GED Ready green score they will see the online proctored test option in their account (with the exception of a few jurisdictions).
  • The 50% off GED Ready promotion has been extended to July 15. All students are eligible and the discount is automatically applied in their shopping cart at the time of purchase.

A full archive of webinars and additional information about the online proctored test is available on the Test Administration page.


    1. Hi Sandra,

      We are actively working on a Spanish version of the Online Proctored GED test. We will share more information when it is available.

  1. I have a student who completed the GED Ready on Tuesday July 7 and says she received a message that she had to schedule the online test by July 8? I did have an explanation for that except to tell her that the pilot ends at the end of July. I had another student ON the 8th of July tell me that he had no such message. So what is the correct information about the online proctored test. This has been a godsend for my students and I would like to know what the future looks like after the pilot is complete.

    1. Hi Joanie,

      The Online Proctored GED test is still ongoing and there are no immediate plans to end this pilot at the end of July. Please have your student contact us for questions related to scheduling their test.

  2. I got two examen green and 1 of 4 test passed but I don’t have this option how can I get it?

    1. Hi Scarlet,

      Eligible students must have a ‘Green’ GED Ready score within the past 60 days and meet age and residency requirements for participating states. You should see the option in your account, you can also contact our team for assistance:

  3. Hello

    How long this Online Proctored program is going to be available? Actually, I am just practice by my own online and using my books. I want to take the (Reading Language Arts) test, is the only one to complete the 4 subjects to get my GED completed. I have taken the Get ready test, but sometimes, I obtain high score and other I get low one. I know that I can do it, I just need to know how long is this program test online is going on. Honestly I am exasperated, because I do not have a job, the couple of bucks are almost ran out. So I need to get this done.

    I truly appreciate your attention to this e-mail.


    1. Hi,

      We have no immediate plans to end the Online Proctored GED test option. Please stay encouraged and continue preparing for your GED test. You do need to have a ‘Green’ GED Ready score and we wish you the best as you keep pushing and complete your GED credential.

  4. Hi

    This looks great! Are there any plans to extend to international test takers? I have many students whose exams were cancelled in April and are still trying to keep motivated while waiting for a center to reopen.


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