Online GED® Spanish Study Tool Available

We have partnered with Paxen Publishing to promote a digital study tool for students preparing for the Spanish GED test. 

With the help of partner publishers, GED Testing Service has created a variety of study tools to help test takers prepare for and successfully pass the GED test subjects.

Paxen Focus in Spanish is a program of online courses that helps students learn at an individual pace with the guidance and support of instructors. The coursework includes customizable student activities, assignments, and assessments. The platform also offers real-time analytical reporting to accurately monitor student performance, trigger timely interventions, and ensure that students successfully pass requisite assignments.

Paxen Focus can be used to deliver just the digital course, or it can be combined with the print books to create a blended learning solution for adult education programs.

This partnership is a result of the feedback we’ve heard from you about the need for additional study materials for Spanish-speaking students—especially the need for a digital study tool.

Paxen Focus in Spanish has been vetted by GED Testing Service and is 100% content-aligned with the GED test.

Educators interested in the study tool should send an email to with your name, preferred email, phone number and state where your adult education program is located.



  1. Hi, I’m interested in accessing the necessary support and professional development for teachers that is offered by Paxen Focus in Spanish in order to support our Spanish GED students.

    1. Hi Omar,

      We suggest signing up for a free to learn more about the GED test: Through your account you find location adult education classes and learn more about available study tools and resources.

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