GED® International Test Program Updates

The GED test program is growing internationally—helping students around the world earn their GED credential. 

In fact, students in more than 85 countries sat for the test in 2018.

Members of GED Testing Service recently traveled to two Asian countries to meet with current and prospective students to learn more about their experiences and motivations for earning a GED credential. We’ll use this additional information to better understand how to help students understand and better assist those students.

Internationally students utilize the GED credential almost entirely for entry into local and international universities, so we’ve also spent time talking with some universities and government officials.

Beyond our recent student research, we’ve been working with teachers and preparation programs in countries like Bangladesh, South Africa and Thailand. We’ve held professional development workshops to help teachers understand the program and prepare students for the test.

In 2019 we plan to share launch an updated international section on the website with an enhanced experience for students and preparation partners abroad. We also plan to share more international GED graduate stories there and in our U.S. communications as we welcome learners from across the globe into the GED alumni network.


  1. Will the GED test be offered in more than English and Spanish languages in the future? This could help so many more students pass the test, especially if the GED Testing Service will be offering the test internationally. I don’t mean for this comment to sound crude, but if typical video games are offered in many languages, why can’t the GED test be offered in more languages, such as French?

  2. My Child completed the GED last year in December, he has not yet received his Diploma certificate to date. He was told through an email that the certificate was sent through the international Post office until today. Please assist us with this regard.

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