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Why is there still a need to have a 60-day wait period after a student takes the GED test three times? I wonder if a 30-day wait period would be just as effective, or maybe more effective?
We require a 60-day wait period between test administrations after the first three attempts for two important reasons. First, because we have only three operational forms per content area each year, the fourth and subsequent administrations will necessarily involve the students retesting on a test form that has already been seen by them. To ensure fairness and equity in the testing program we want to minimize any advantage that a student might have in retaking test items that are familiar to them. Our research, conducted over many decades, has shown that any familiarity with test items is minimized for the vast majority of students through having them wait 60 days between administrations. Second, ensuring a 60-day wait between administrations provides students with the time they need to review the score reports from their previous attempts and either to master content that they were unsure of or to learn new content that can help them to pass the test. Having shorter times between administrations can encourage students to just retest without taking the time for the study they need to improve their skills. These two factors behind the 60-day waiting period help to keep the testing  program fair for all candidates and to ensure that students always focus on skills improvement.

As a side note, it is important to mention that, for students’ last exam still needing to be passed, there is some flexibility in the 60-day waiting period.  If students have important job- or school-related deadlines, GED Testing Service may consider a one-time waiver of the 60-day period. Each request for waiver of the 60-day wait period is individually reviewed based on the particular situation and may require approval of the jurisdictional GED Administrator. This approach helps to ensure a balance between the timing needs of the student and the equity of the testing program.

–Martin Kehe, Vice President of Assessment Services for GED Testing Service



  1. If you ADHD is there a special test, I can test. Its very hard for me to focus but I need to get my GED for myself. I am 61 year old I am ready to get this done.

    1. Christina, That is awesome that you are going to get this done even with the challenges you face. It may be hard but you can do it!!!!

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