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March Graduate of the Month - Bailey

The true motivation for getting my GED was  to support my family, motivate my siblings to do well in school and improve myself.

Bailey, a GED graduate from Beulah, ND had to endure so much before getting her GED diploma. 

When she was 15,her father was paralyzed in a farming accident and had to be placed in a medically induced coma for 3 months. After being in and out of the hospital for over a year, he was finally able to come home. 

Then when Bailey was 16, her mother was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Things for Bailey got more difficult as her mother’s health started to decline. She started missing school to help out more at home and soon had to drop out of high school. 

By 18, her mother died and her dad was admitted to a care center. She became the official guardian of her two teenage brothers and  found it increasingly difficult to find a job to support them. 

“We moved to a slightly larger town for more opportunity, but even with a CNA license,  it  was still nearly impossible to find a job without a diploma. Finally, I made the decision to get my GED.”

 After studying for the GED off and on for years, she decided to  attend a local adult learning center. She soon obtained her diploma and was able to find a more stable job as a client service representative. 

“The biggest obstacle I overcame was probably self doubt. I knew if I failed the first time I would lose the motivation to try again. My mind was clouded by the fact that I needed my diploma so badly, I wouldn't accept a retake.” 

Bailey plans to continue working, help her brothers finish school and then pursue a degree in nursing. She also hopes to create a nonprofit organization one day to help people who are in similar situations to hers. 

“The true motivation for getting my GED was  to support my family, motivate my siblings to do well in school, improve myself, and to prove to everyone who said I could never do it (including myself) that I did it.” 

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