Murphy USA Terms and Conditions

By submitting your registration to GED Testing Service, you signify that you have read, understand, accept and agree to the terms and conditions described below for the Employer GED® Testing Program Participant Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions apply for eligible students who register for your Employer GED® Testing Program {herein referred to as the "Agreement"). PLEASE REVIEW THESE TERMS CAREFULLY. BY SUBMITTING YOUR REGISTRATION FORM TO GED TESTING SERVICE YOU SIGNIF Y THAT YOU HAVE REVIEWED, UNDERSTAND, ACCEPT AND AGREE TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

GED Testing Service LLC {"GEDTS") and Murphy USA have developed a GED® Test Program, the goal of which is to drive greater completion and efficacy for you and your coworkers. Murphy USA has worked directly with GEDTS to offer you the opportunity to participate in this program on a voluntary basis. Through a guided GED® test program, the goal is to help you to achieve better study results and achieve your GED® credential. There are four parts to the GED® test (each part is referred to as a "Content Area"):

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematical Reasoning

In order to pass the GED® test, you must pass all four Content Area tests. You will only work on one Content Area at a given time.

When you register for the Employer GED® Testing Program, there are several important rules you must follow to stay eligible for the program. To remain in the Employer GED® program you must:

  1. Remain an eligible and validated employee throughout your studying and testing in the Employer GED® Testing Program.
    1. Eligibility - To be eligible for GED Assistance you must:
    2. Be an employee of Murphy USA Inc. or a participating subsidiary for at least 90 days prior to submitting your application;
    3. Not have any employee relations documentation or have been on a performance improvement plan in the twelve months prior to the application
    4. Take courses during time that does not conflict with your regular workday; and
    5. Have your application approved by your District Manager (Field) or Department Leader (Home Office) and the Human Resources Department.
  2. Register for the on-line software GED® preparation product and register on "" during your preparation and testing cycle to gain access to the preparation materials.
  3. Follow the pre-set order of the GED® test Content Areas for study, GED Ready® and the operational GED® test
  4. Study a minimum of 3 hours each week {Monday through Sunday) using the on-line course materials available to you. Your study hours will be monitored by the GED Advisor'".
  5. Take and pass the software GED® prep study material content area assessment/quizzes.
  6. The GED Advisor'" may refer you to a nearby adult basic education (ABE) program as they deem appropriate.
  7. Take the GED Ready® for the GED® test
  8. If your GED Ready® score is in the "yellow" area, you will be required to go back to step 3 above and repeat steps 4, 5, and 6, review the study materials recommended by the GED Ready® score report and repeat the on-line studying program as necessary to achieve a "green" score on the GED Ready®
  9. If your GED Ready® score is in the "red" area of the score report, you may also be referred to nearby adult educational programs {ABE), if available in your area, so you can obtain specific study assistance on the content area. When you complete the ABE study program, you will return to step 3 above and resume the Employer GED® test program.
  10. If your GED Ready® score is in the "green" area of the score report, this means you are ready to take the operational GED® test for the Content Area. Your GED Advisor'" will provide you with instructions on when and how to schedule your operational exam.
  11. Take the GED® test for the current Content Area.
    1. If you do not pass the GED® Content Area test, then you will be provided a personalized study/remediation plan and then your study cycle repeats and you continue studying the current Content Area as long as you continue to make progress.
    2. If you pass the GED® Content Area test, then move on to the next content area software study materials and the cycle repeats for the new GED® Content Area. Access to each subject area test is independent of the others.
  12. IMPORTANT RESCHEDULING POLICY: You may reschedule or cancel your scheduled test appointment for the Official GED® test at any time and for any reason as long as you canceled or rescheduled at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled test appointment. However, if you do not reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled test appointment and you do not show up for the testing appointment, this will be considered a "No-Show" and you will forfeit the GED® test pass guarantee. The No-Show will count as a single attempt and it will exhaust the total attempts you receive once you forfeit the GED® test pass guarantee. You will not be eligible to take additional official operational GED® tests until you make an additional purchase.
  13. Payment of program fees
    1. Payment of program fees. GEDWorks is Human Resource’s approved vendor for facilitating GED programs for Murphy USA employees. If your application is approved, Murphy USA will pay the cost of your participation in the GEDWorks program and completion fees.
    2. Appealing Denial of GED Assistance: If your GED Assistance is denied, you have the right to appeal this decision to the Senior Vice President of Human Resources.
    3. Advancement to a Higher-Level Position is Not Guaranteed. Successful completion of the program, whether or not it is paid for by Murphy USA, does not assure your advancement to a higher-level position.
  14. Approved Institution
    1. Credentials must be obtained through GEDWorks and the GED Testing Service.
  15. Expenses
    1. Expenses covered for GED assistance will be based on the amount charged to Murphy USA by GEDWorks and the GED Testing Service on your behalf. Eligible expenses include GEDWorks program and testing fees. These program and testing fees will be paid directly by Murphy USA to GEDWorks on your behalf upon your subject approval and successful completion of the required activities. Expenses that will not be covered by the Company include supplies, travel, transportation, meals, parking fees, or other incidental costs.
  16. Application and Approval from the Human Resources Department
    1. To obtain approval to participate in the program, you must submit an application for GEDWorks participation prior to starting the program. The application link is available on the Company intranet and portal.
  17. Repayment Agreement
    1. Voluntary Resignation. If you voluntarily leave the Company, you will be required to repay the full amount of any GED assistance that Murphy USA paid on your behalf in the 6-month period preceding your resignation.
    2. Falsifying Documents. If, at any point, you have been found falsifying documentation related to GED assistance you will be required to reimburse Murphy USA for the amount of GED assistance that Murphy USA paid on your behalf. Falsifying any GED Assistance documentation is also subject to further disciplinary action up to and including termination.
  18. Administration
    1. Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department is responsible for the administration, coordination, and interpretation of this Procedure. Any questions concerning eligibility, approval, etc., should be referred to that Department
    2. Cost Allocation. All costs of this program should be charged to the Human Resources Department.
  19. Periodic Review
    1. This Procedure will be reviewed periodically by the PSP Committee to ensure consistency with the expectations set out in the governing Policy and Standard.
  20. Maintenance, Revision, and Exceptions
    1. It is expected that occasional changes will be made to account for changes in legal, regulatory, or operational demands. Therefore, this Procedure may be amended, modified, suspended, or discontinued at any time with or without prior notice. The Legal Department, PSP Committee, or the Human Resources Department may initiate a review of the elements within the Procedure to ensure an appropriate fit to the organization and adjustment to those changing needs. The PSP Committee will have review and approval authority over changes and exceptions to our Policies, Standards and Procedures and will submit such changes or exceptions to the Senior Vice President and General Counsel, President and CEO, and/or the Board of Directors, as appropriate, for final approval.