GEDWorks Graduate Stories

Irene - UCare

“Everything felt so easy and fast. I got my GED in less than a month!”

Cassie - UCare

“It was really cool that my insurance helped me get an education. I’d never heard of such an opportunity before. The program was awesome.”

Destiny - Murphy USA

“When I discovered GEDWorks through my employer, Murphy USA, I was relieved. It was exactly the push I needed to get my GED.”

Jacob - Taco Bell

“Education has always been important to me, but the high school setting didn’t work out. With my GED, I can go to college. I’m really grateful to Taco Bell for this opportunity.”

Kailee - Murphy USA

“It was wonderful knowing that my job was behind me 100% of the way.”

Chelsy - Murphy USA

“Murphy USA supporting me in furthering my education was the last little push I needed. I'll be forever grateful.”

Diamondnique - Taco Bell

“Without all the help I got through the program, I would have given up again. I was finally able to get my GED through GEDWorks.”

Michael - Pizza Hut

“On a scale of 1 to 10, I give GEDWorks an 11! Big thanks to Pizza Hut for offering this program to get my GED. Now I can provide a better future for my family.”


“Just because you didn’t graduate before, don’t let others get you down. Always stay positive and keep working hard.”

Christopher - UCare

“Education being covered by my health plan, that was a life changer! I wanted to get my GED for a long time; I finally did it without financial barriers. ”

Jada - Red Roof

“It's an amazing feeling to know that Red Roof cares enough to help me get my GED.”

Malinda - Pizza Hut

“The GED gave me confidence. I started as a part-time server; now I’m a full-time shift lead manager.”