GEDWorks Graduate Stories

Sunny - Amazon graduate cap

I’m thankful that Amazon provides the GEDWorks program. With my GED I can go to college and be a role model for my kids.

Lily - Pizza Hut graduate cap

In school, it just didn’t click for me when someone tried to teach everybody instead of one person. My learning style is more one-on-one and hands-on. With GEDWorks, I was able to get my high school credential by studying independently. My family and the whole team at Pizza Hut cheered me on.

Kelly - UCare graduate cap

A million times thank you to UCare for supporting me through health challenges and helping improve my life through education.

Bianca - Taco Bell graduate cap

Thanks to Taco Bell’s support, the GED has opened many doors for me. I’ll be able to go to college now!

Angel - Taco Bell graduate cap

I recommend the GEDWorks program 100%! I’ve already told my co-workers at Taco Bell how great it is.

James - Jiffy Lube graduate cap

Jiffy Lube was behind me 100%. The GEDWorks program made sure I was prepared, even though I had forgotten many things after being out of high school for years.

Vanida - UCare graduate cap

I really appreciated the flexibility of the program and being able to prep remotely; this helped me get ready faster.

Raul - Taco Bell graduate cap

My goal was to get my GED as quickly as possible. With GEDWorks I was able to complete my high school credential in a few months. It’s great that Taco Bell cares about my future.

Michael - Taco Bell graduate cap

Thanks to Taco Bell’s support and the GEDWorks program, I was able to get my GED and work at the same time. It was the best way for me to get my high school credential.

Jennifer - Taco Bell graduate cap

I’m glad I that Taco Bell offers the GEDWorks program. Now with my GED, I feel like I can do better in life.

Jeffrey - UCare graduate cap

There are jobs I want to go for that require a high school diploma or GED. I also plan to go to college. Thanks to UCare offering GEDWorks, I don’t have to put off [my dreams] anymore.

Chris - Traffic Management Inc. graduate cap

The day I got my GED it felt like I won the lottery. I could finally reach career opportunities I really wanted. It’s awesome that Traffic Management provides this program for employees.