GEDWorksTM for Employers

GEDWorksTM for Employers

Turnkey education benefit to improve retention and recruitment

Investing in Your Workforce Pays Off

Partnering with GEDWorks to help your employees earn their GED creates lasting impact across your organization.

Stand Out as a Company of Choice

Your benefits help shape who you are as an employer. Show employees that their education and well-being are top priorities.

Develop Talent from Within

GEDWorks participants create an essential pipeline of skilled individuals with the motivation to grow their careers at the same company.

Attract Motivated Candidates

Benefits and training programs that allow upward mobility and increased earning potential are like magnets for avid candidates.

Strengthen Your Public Image

GEDWorks goes beyond impacting people in your organization—the greater community benefits as well.

Case Study

ROI Rises for GEDWorks Founding Partner KFC

As a brand, KFC is deeply committed to the success of its employees — on and off the job. KFC started to develop an in-house GED program for employees, but the workload was overwhelming.

Nearly a third of KFC restaurant employees qualified for the program; having only two administrators to process thousands of requests and support students during test preparation was just too much. They needed a scalable solution.

In 2017, KFC became a founding partner of the GEDWorks program and participation has been growing ever since.


The cost of recruiting and training new employees is exponentially higher than offering GEDWorks to current workers.

Workforce Inspiration

Employees are encouraged when they know that their employer appreciates them enough to invest in their growth and well-being.

Beyond Stats and Figures

Workplace culture becomes stronger and more deeply rooted among team members.

GEDWorks makes an impact

Improved Morale

Among surveyed employees, 86% are proud to work for an employer offering GEDWorks.

Better Retention

One employer saw nearly 4x higher retention among GEDWorks participants.

Employee Loyalty

An overwhelming majority - 71% - of participants are more loyal to their employer because GEDWorks is offered.

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Strengthen your workforce talent with GEDWorks.

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