Congrats GED Grads

We are proud of GED grads’ many accomplishments, and we are excited to celebrate all of your hard work and perseverance! We look forward to you joining our celebration on May 12th and encourage you to plan your own ceremonies and celebrations to align with our online festivities. 

Current GED Students

Are you currently on your path to achieving your GED? Haven’t yet started your journey? There’s still time! Use May 12th as your goal date to achieve your credential so that you can celebrate with the class of 2023.  

GED Adult Educators

We know how big of a role educators and mentors have in inspiring GED students and helping them throughout their journeys to becoming a graduate. Thanks for all that you do for your learners! 

We want educators, family members, friends, teachers, employers, and others to share congratulatory messages and motivational messages for GED graduates.  You can submit a video of yourself sharing a message to GED grads. We encourage you to include the name of your adult ed program and your city and state.  Submit your message by April 1 for possible promotion. 

Encourage your current students to use Grad Day as their motivation to complete their GED credential, and be sure to let your recent grads know to follow us to share in the celebration!

*Please note: GED Grad Day is a virtual celebration. We will not be holding an in-person ceremony. You may check with your local community college, adult education centers, or department of education to see if they’ll be holding an in-person ceremony in your state.