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Voucher Policies and Procedures

Accept cash, checks, and money orders from students

Programs can use vouchers and then collect cash, checks and money orders from the individual students. Testing centers and organizations can also use their business credit cards to schedule students as an alternative form of payment. Read more about these options below to find the best fit for your testing program.

Option 1: Use vouchers to accept cash, checks, and money orders

Your testing center can sell vouchers to students for the students to use as payment.

How it works for your program

Your testing center can purchase vouchers by going to visit the Voucher Store. Your testing center must pay with a credit card or you can request a credit line for the testing center. However, if your testing center requests a credit line, it must be approved before vouchers can be purchased on credit.

Credit line approvals may take five to seven business days. GED Testing Service vouchers are sold and administered through Pearson VUE.

Request a voucher credit line:

Option 2: Use a testing center credit line to accept cash, checks, and money orders

If your testing center is delivering the GED® test, you can request a test center credit line, which can be used as a form of payment when scheduling a student’s test.

Please note: Test center credit line are established and administered on GED Testing Service’s behalf through Pearson VUE. Invoices will come from and are paid to Pearson VUE.

How it works for your program

To use this form of payment, you must be a testing center and must schedule students directly (no online scheduling available.)
When scheduling a test, the testing center must pick “Test Center Credit” as the form of payment. Enter any discount codes, if applicable, and complete the transaction. Remember to cancel scheduled tests if a student is unable to attend, otherwise the charges will appear on you monthly invoice.

Request a Testing Center Credit Line:

Option 3: Use a business credit card to accept cash, checks, and money orders

Testing centers and organizations can use their business credit card to schedule students and either substitute other payment types or pay for a student’s tests.

For GED Ready® Vouchers
Option 1: Purchase through publishers

Note: GED Ready® vouchers can only be used within the U.S. and are meant to prepare the student taking the computer-based 2014 series GED® test.

Institutional pricing is available for GED Ready® practice test vouchers by contacting a publisher who re-sells the GED Ready® practice test vouchers at a volume discount. A minimum order of 50 GED Ready® practice test vouchers must be ordered at a time. Vouchers purchased through a publisher are good for 18 months from the date the publisher places the order. Publishers that offer the GED Ready practice test vouchers are listed here.

Option 2: Purchase through GED Marketplace®

Note: GED Ready® practice test vouchers can only be used within the U.S. and are meant to prepare the test-taker taking the computer-based 2014 series GED® test.

Test-takers purchase GED Ready® practice test vouchers at GEDMarketplace.com. The test vouchers purchased through GEDMarketplace.com are sent via email to the test-taker within hours of the purchase. The vouchers are used on GED.com in place of another form of payment at check-out. They are good for 12 months from the date of purchase. Candidates can purchase either a single-use voucher or a multi-use voucher good for 4 tests. The same Candidate must use all four of the tests from a multi-use voucher code since the tests will be assigned to the email address of the user once the first test is started.