Top FAQs

The test cannot be taken online. You must appear in person, at an Official GED® Test Center to take the GED® test.

GED Testing Service has 70 years of experience offering a high school equivalency credential. Nearly all colleges and employers in the United States recognize the GED® credential and accept it for purposes of applying to college or for a job, and it is now being more widely recognized by universities all around the world. The new GED® test was developed over 5 years by experienced high school and adult educators and reviewed by subject matter experts. The GED® test is also standardized and normed using a national sample of graduating US high school seniors to ensure it is measuring the skills needed to graduate from high school.

Over 98 percent of U.S. colleges and universities accept GED® graduates who meet their other qualifications for admission. Universities in many other countries like Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, South Africa, New Zealand, etc also recognize it for admission. A GED® credential documents that you have high school-level academic and English skills. Please check with your educational institution on their admissions policy and whether and under what conditions they would accept the GED® credential.

The university to which you apply may also require you to take placement or achievement tests so that they can determine whether you need additional coursework.