GED Manager

GED Manager is an exclusive portal designed to help educators & test administrators manage their programs.

How to Get Access

Access to GED Manager™ requires permission from your State Administrator. There are different types of GED Manager™ access depending on your role, which state you are located in, and whether or not you work at a Correctional facility.

To request access, please click the button below. Please note, you will need permission from your State Administrator in order to be granted access. There is no guarantee that you will be approved after requesting access.

Have questions about using  GED Manager™?

Contact us at 1-866-389-3665 and choose option 1 or email us at

GEDPrep Connect

GEDPrep Connect is a free tool to connect adult learners who have asked for information about their local adult ed program. Last year more than 200,000 students asked to be contacted, many of them never heard from their local program. This is a valuable tool to recruit interested learners to your program without spending more on marketing. Many programs have already utilized this resource to grow their enrollments. Get started by logging into GEDManager and click on "Manage Students," or request GED Manager access for your program. Available in most states.