Train the Trainer Institute

The Train the Trainer Institute’s objective is to prepare adult education participants to provide high-quality, content-focused professional development training to their local and regional adult educator peers.

Program Overview

Participants who complete the initial Train the Trainer courses will receive:

  • Decks, resources and supporting materials suitable for delivery at most state or regional conferences
  • Background and content on the test’s development and history, research results, research currently in progress, tips for trainers, and accommodations
  • Access to opportunities to attend in-depth workshops (half or full-day) as observers
  • Contact information for and access to GED Testing Service staff

Trainer Role & Responsibilities

GED Testing Service values the expertise and experience that participants bring to this program. Our goal is to partner with trainers in the cohort to continue to build expertise.

Trainers commit to participating in ongoing training with GED Testing Service through webinars and other professional development activities designed to extend the work started at the GED Testing Service Annual Conference. This also ensures that trainers have the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

Two of the most important outcomes of the program are:

  1. Within four to six months of the initial training, participants will have presented at least one workshop
  2. Trainers will have attended the scheduled quarterly webinars

GEDTS Roles & Responsibilities

GED Testing Service’s primary role in this professional development partnership is as a content developer/provider. GED Testing Service will deliver both the initial training and ongoing training to participants who complete the Train the Trainer Institute.

In addition, GED Testing Service will provide the following:

  • Exclusive webinars to walk through new workshop content along with powerpoint decks, scripts, and resource guides
  • Individualized assistance in customizing existing content to respond to specific requests from state partners
  • Opportunities to observe GED Testing Service presenters providing expanded (half- and full-day) content.