COVID-19 Educator Support

This page is to help you, as educators, continue to help your students progress toward the GED test during this time of social distancing. We've gathered some great resources to help you put together lessons and continue to communicate with your students remotely.


GED Play: On-demand video learning

Introducing GED Play — an instructional video program designed by Kaplan and delivered by Aztec Software to enhance student performance on key GED measured skills. It’s the perfect classroom supplement to keep students engaged in their GED prep.


GED Flash for Organizations

Give your students access to a full collection of GED practice questions and answers covering concepts they need to know to pass in all four subjects: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math. Each practice question comes with step-by-step explanations.


Recorded GED Webinar: Working at a Distance - Helping Students Continue Their Progress Toward the GED Test During the Time of Social Distancing

Content Resources for Developing Lessons

GED Teaching Resources (Free)

Screencastify Easy screen-recording tool that can be used to create short videos for students. (Free)

Quill Online program that provides writing and grammar exercises for all levels, including ELLs. (Free premium version until end of school year)

Quizlet Teacher Provides interactive study materials, learning activities, and games. (Free until June 30, 2020. Limited features always free)

Breaking News English Uses the same concept as Newsela and CommonList and adds Audio at a variety of speeds for each leveled text.

Math Antics Math instructional videos, exercises, and worksheets. (Free videos. $20/year subscription for exercises and worksheets)

Effortless Math Math worksheets for TABE and GED skills practice. (Free)

Light and Salt Learning YouTube Channel with learning site dedicated to GED Playlists.

IXL Learning Contains content aligned to TABE 11/12 for math, reading, and language. (90 day free trial for teachers)

GED Math Crash Course Google site developed by Kate Redman, a GED teacher. This site is connected to Light and Salt Learning.

AAAKnow Provides thousands of interactive math lessons and questions provide immediate feedback. Available in multiple languages.

Virtual Nerd Thousands of math videos hosted on YouTube and the Virtual Nerd website. Supported by Pearson Learning.

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Coronavirus Resources

Information to help you and your students stay safe and informed:

COVID-19 info to distribute to students

Strategies to help students manage their time