What Kind of Math Is on the GED?

It’s easy to feel intimidated by math. Many people are, because it’s sort of like a foreign language. But with practice and great resources, anyone can understand it and master it. 

Studying for a test is much easier when you know what will be on it, especially when you can break it down into understandable parts. You can then study each part separately.

The math section will challenge your skills in basic math, geometry, algebra, and graphs and functions. Once you study each of these areas long enough, you’ll be confident that you can pass.

General Tips: GED Math Section

Tip #1:

You don’t have to memorize formulas before the math test. You’ll need some experience using them, but will be given a formula sheet during the test. 

Tip #2:

You should also practice general math questions along with common measurements and real-life applications. 

Tip #3:

The exam questions will come in several types: multiple choice, drag-and-drop, drop-down, fill-in-the-blank, and others. That means the listed answers could give you some clues, but they could also mislead you. Make sure you can solve the problems on your own, but if you are struggling, you can use the process of elimination to narrow down the answer.

Tip #4:

You’ll only need to use a calculator in section two of the test. That means you’ll need to understand math ideas well, not just know how to use a calculator.


What Are the Major Types of Math to Study? 

Here’s the breakdown of the 4 major areas of math you’ll need to study for: 

1. Basic Math

Know how to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using a calculator. Make sure to practice with fractions, decimals, percentages, roots, and exponents too. Very important: you need to know how to perform math operations based on word problems.

2. Geometry

Understand how to use formulas relating to shapes and objects. You may have to look at a drawing of a shape and use a provided formula to calculate its surface area, volume, radius, diameter, and so on.

3. Algebra

Be able to determine the value of a variable in an equation. Also, you should understand how to write a formula with a variable in it based on a word problem.

4. Graphs and Functions

Know how to read and analyze information in graphs and charts. Understand the common ways that data is organized, including how to put it into tables. Understand the concepts of median, mean, mode, range, probability, and statistics. 

How to Study to Pass Your GED

Now that you know what kind of math is on the GED test, you can focus on studying and mastering each type.

Study the available materials on major math concepts. It’s also vital to take sample exams. It is important to experience what it’s like to take a test without a book or answer key. And you should allow practice tests to show you what your stronger and weaker areas before you take the actual test so you can brush up where you need to.

Maybe you realize you’re not as prepared in algebra, for example. Then study its concepts, and practice its test questions until you’re great at them. Keep at it until you’re confident in every subject.

Get Prepared

To get proven help studying for math questions, sign up for a free GED account online. Use our math study guides and practice tests to be confident that you can pass the math section of the GED!




  1. Were the GED tests revised again for 2020 or is the 2014 version still the most recent revision of the GED tests?

    1. Hi Lydia! The cost of the GED depends on which state you’re testing in. Please let us know and we can provide you with the information.

        1. Hi Julie! You should now be able to test online as long as you score green on the GED Ready practice test.

    1. Hi Ortencia! Unfortunately most testing centers across the United States are closed. We will keep you updated as soon as testing centers start to reopen and thank you for your patience!

  2. I like the new Score Report format, but would like to request that the student’s name be included on the top of all the reports. Currently (as far as I can tell), only if the student has scored in the “Likely to Pass” range, does the student’s name print at the top of the report. It states “Congrats XXXXX, you’re ready to take the GED test!”, but on the Score Reports where the student does not score in that range, it does not print their name anywhere on the report. I often print out Score Reports for several students at a time, so it would definitely save a step, but more importantly, I think having it personalized promotes ownership. Thank you, Vicki

    1. Hi Victoria. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! We’re working on getting it fixed as soon as possible.

  3. To what grade does the GED math section go up too? For example should I review all middle school as well as high school content? Going to use Khan Academy as a review resource.

    1. Khan Academy and high school math include calculus, trigonometry, and many other topics that are not on the GED. Look at the free test preview under the study tab on ged.com to get a good idea of the kind of questions on the test or pay for a ged practice test.

  4. In arkansas do you have to go to the testing center or can you do all of it from home especially due to covid. Is taking the GED online accredited by the state.

  5. what would happen if i pass my ged test with my married last name and get the diploma or whatever it is and i have my name changed back to my name before i got married before i get the diploma back

  6. If I took the test in 2004 and in 2005 or06 passed all of it but the math and i am in my fifty’s. do I have to take all of the test over again?

    1. Hi Lynard, yes, you will have to retake all of the tests because the test changed in 2014 with a new version.

    1. Hi Alicia, you will be provided scratch paper if testing in-person and an online whiteboard if testing online.

  7. Is it possible to get a GeD at the age at 14? I don’t realy study cuz we are in mexico and it’s hard here and my mom wants me to study for my ged

    1. Rules are different in each state and internationally. Make a ged account and read the policies for Mexico. If you are planning for college someday, make sure colleges in Mexico accept it. Community colleges in the US do. If not, make sure employers in Mexico count it as finishing high school. Some do and some do not in the US.

  8. How would I find the GED book so that I can study similar questions that are on the test. I am struggling with how many questions have to be answered correctly as well as how do they score the test and how do you know what each question is worth. If you guys have any ideas I would love to hear them. and where is the best place to take this test in Idahofalls?

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