Social Studies: What You Need to Know

The GED Social Studies test focuses on U.S. history and gives you context to understand the nation, the world and society as a whole. It covers a variety of different topics, but don’t worry it’s not a memorization test. We know trying to remember a bunch of dates or capitals wouldn’t be fun!

Test Topics

The Social Studies section of the GED includes three different topics: 

  • Reading for Meaning in Social Studies
  • Analyzing Historical Events and Arguments in Social Studies
  • Using Numbers and Graphs in Social Studies


Format of the Social Studies Test

There is only one section on the GED Social Studies test. It is 70 minutes long and there are no breaks. A calculator is allowed and a calculator reference sheet will be provided. 

There are also different question types including multiple choice, drag and drop, fill-in-the-blank, select an area and drop down. 

How to Prepare

There are many ways to prepare for the Social Studies test. Start by logging in to your account and checking out our free study guide that will help familiarize you with what to expect on the test. Additionally, there are free practice questions so you’ll know exactly how questions are formatted!

Now, once you’re feeling confident, take the official GED Ready practice test. Students use GED Ready to see exactly how prepared they are for the actual test. If you score in the green it means you’re ready to schedule your test, but if you score in the red or yellow you may need more practice. Don’t worry, GED Ready will provide you with a study guide to help you see any areas you may need to improve. 

Good luck and comment below your favorite social studies topics!




  1. Why does one have to buy 100 GED Ready Tests for Corrections? I am assuming those GED Ready tests can be used on stand a lone machines. Can a smaller quantity be purchased? Can one get a sample of 1 of the GED Ready Tests for Corrections?

  2. Can’t find form to copy from help@gedtesting for Corrections questions forms; to set up jail accounts.
    need asap! Can you email me the form?

    1. Hi Morgan! We offer a great tool that is exactly like flash cards that can help you pass. GED Flash offers thousands of practice questions, specifically for social studies. For more information click here.

      1. No flashcards are not enough. Flashcards quiz content only. Most students need to practice how to answer the questions. There is a 1/4 length test on the website, and you can also do a practice test called the GED Ready

        1. Hi Rita! You’re correct we suggest all of our students take the GED Ready as well to see how they’ll score on the actual exam.

  3. I’ve took SS 4 times,I made a 144 and didn’t pass, I was devastated 🤦🏿‍♀️ I really gave up on it ,is it anything anyone wants to share with me on how to pass this test,This is the only one I’m having a hard time passing ,I pass the other 3 , I’m just ready to get it over with

    1. Hi Monica! We’re sorry to hear that. Keep trying, we offer thousands of practice questions through GED Flash. You can also check out our free social studies study guide!

      1. Monica, I can offer up a couple of things. First, go back to your GED Ready test and look at the diagnostic to see which areas you needed work on. (Look at the scores page and scroll down) If you don’t have one, try a library for the big blue GED book and seek out those areas in that book for extra practice.
        Also, the SS is similar to the Reading test – you’ll find the answers in the readings using context clues. I recommend going through each answer option and asking “Does the reading say anything about this?” or “Does the text show evidence of what this question is asking?” Also, understanding maps and graphs and charts is helpful on the SS section.
        Don’t be discouraged! You’ve passed 3 tests before this one and you’ll pass this one too!

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