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Updated June 8, 2020

We have a launched an online GED test, for more information, click here.

Being stuck at home can be frustrating, especially when you’re counting on getting your GED soon. We are doing everything we can to make testing available as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. 

In the meantime, we’d like to bring your attention to the CARES Act recently passed by the US government to help people cope during this uncertain time. Be sure to check your state governor’s website for more details and how to apply. Here are some highlights: 

Increased unemployment benefits

The economic situation caused by widespread closings can feel scary, especially if your job requires you to be on site in order to get paid. You may be eligible for higher payments and/or longer periods of payments. Salaried and hourly employees, as well as self-employed, independent contractors and even gig workers, could be eligible. Learn more in this article: The historic $2 trillion CARES Act will be an economic lifeline for gig workers and freelancers

One-time payment to boost cash flow

Depending on your income, you may have already received or will soon receive a check or direct deposit of up to $1,200 for an individual who makes up to $75,000 per year. The amount is up to $2,400 for married couples who make up to $150,000 per year in total. Plus $500 more per child to help with expenses. Calculate how much you’ll get from the $1,200 (or more) coronavirus checks in this news article. You can also track when you will receive your payment through the IRS ‘Get My Payment’ tool

COVID-19 testing and treatment

The cost of testing and even vaccinations, when they become available, will be covered. This means you don’t have to hesitate if you or a family member may be showing potential coronavirus symptoms. You can get tested without worrying about money. Get more details in this news article: What’s inside the Senate’s $2 trillion coronavirus aid package.

We’re proud of you for staying strong and focused. Try the suggestions below to be confident and ready to test when the time comes.

Free study guides

After logging in, you’ll discover free study guides for every subject. It’s a great way to get started or refresh your skills during downtime. 

Extra 30 days of GED Flash

Take advantage of 1000’s of interactive practice questions and step-by-step explanations. For a limited time, GED Flash users will automatically receive an additional 30 days of access for free. See terms and conditions

Comprehensive online classes with GED Live

GED Live brings top Kaplan instructors to your screen with interactive lessons and a library of recordings in case you miss a live session.

Stay social at a distance

Keep up with the GED community and connect with other students on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also watch helpful videos on our YouTube channel.


  1. Is there any plans to have GED testing online? College students are taking their finals and other tests from home during the coronavirus lockdown, people that are scheduled to get their GED this year probably will not due to the lockdown closing GED testing locations until who knows when… It doesn’t really make any sense to let college students take their finals and get a diploma at home if you aren’t going to allow people to get a GED from home.

    1. We understand that not being able to test right now may be disappointing but we are working to find ways to offer the GED test that meet state guidelines and orders. We will keep all students posted if changes are made.

      1. You keep giving the same “canned” response. Why hasn’t a solution been determined yet? What if distance learning continues through the end of this calendar year?

      2. I am also hoping to get a response to this. We don’t know how long this will continue, steps should be taken to solve this issue sooner rather than later..

      3. It makes no sense that all other forms of education can not only done online but accepted in the eyes of the State as legitimate testing to go on to further education, which also can be provided online. Lets get with the program please.

      4. As I look around I see other states and moving forward with test taking online. I understand that you have to stay with in state guidelines but since this pandemic there has been changes in everyone life change is Necessary. Ppl are staying home and studying ppl are ready to test

    2. There should be a possibility equal the same way as them, we are looking to get our GED, just like they are, we so being affected and we continue to struggle to achieve our goal. And we still wait for a response that can help us.

  2. I really need my GED this year, so please let us do our GED test online at home. All the collage and school doing they test from home, why we don’t have this opportunity or just give us one month time to online test. is a request .

  3. Any update on the Ged testing from home? Do you know if it will be anytime this year, or will we have to wait until everything opens back up do to this pandemic?

    1. Hi Natasha! We’re following state guidelines closely. We will open up based on a state by state basis once we know it is safe for our students to test. Keep following for any state updates. Thank you!

  4. Is there any way that we can test at least with 10 people at a local site or online. I am almost 100% sure we can follow certain guidelines just like the young adults in college so we can just test out already

    1. Hi Brittany. We’re following state guidelines to make sure all of our students are safe. Once states begin to reopen and let us know that’s safe for students to test, we will begin testing again.

  5. The KET fastforward access for free isn’t working. I signed up on May 03 to get access and the ged website states to wait 2 to 3 days for an email for instructions to get access into the website. Can anyone please help with getting me access into the website please because I really need to study for this exam.

  6. Aoa
    Kindly Help Us To Get GED Certificate in COVID-19
    In Pakistan, Situation Is BEING Critical Daya By Day

  7. Hi,

    It’s been three months since I’ve tried to taking my math exam (The last one before I’m home free!!!!), and there yet to be a solution for GED testers, is there a timeline for reopening the testing centers ? Online solutions ? I mean…I get it! This business is can only do so much, but people have lives’, and we need to get things done. Period.

  8. Is offering a remote version of the GED no longer being pursued? It doesn’t look like colleges, universities or testing sites in my area will be opening up anytime in the summer and there is already talk of this extending into the fall. Wthout the ability to test remotely, you are excluding thousands of individuals the chance to be able to pursue a higher education with no end in sight. Now is the time to act to develop remote testing…not in three, four or six months when nothing has changed.

  9. Any updates on being able to take our GED test? Whether that’s online or somewhere with limited people.

  10. Can ged pass students withuot taking test cuz pakistan continue education and permote students to next class…..

    1. Why is it taking so long to decide what their doing for the GED program?? While we’re sitting here waiting, other students are finishing school online. Why can stores n restaurants open up but they can’t open GED testing??

  11. Any update on GED testing? I need to finish my tests before June 25th so that I can start classes on June 27th. Is there a way to take them online?

  12. Is there a Way to take the GED test online I read that it should start today im on a time crunch to start school next Tuesday found out my High School Diploma I have is not accredited.

  13. I must agree with these requests for online testing, that is the world we live in now, everything we do is “open book” , everyone has a computer in hand every day. If a student can understand a exam question, go online and find a suitable answer, what is wrong with that? That is how we all live daily and if it allows more folks to gain self confidence with a GED, that’s a wonderful thing. I’m 63 and this is not for me but I support it completely.

  14. I’m in Gilbert AZ and Rio Salado is opening their test center in July!!!! I hope that really happens!!

  15. Online tests should be made available even if state guidelines say you can open test centers. There will be a rush of people trying to take their tests and probably not enough spaces available considering no one has been able to take their test for months. People will still have their lives put on hold waiting to secure a test date. There are people that can’t move on to higher education, can’t get a job and therefore unable to provide for themselves. What about those that are high risk or have high risk family members? It’s not fair. Even if test centers open up not everyone will feel comfortable being stuck in a room with random people for hours. What happens if things get shut down all over again? Then we will just have to wait AGAIN until test centers open up? Schools have been able to switch to online so why can’t you switch to an online test? If you are worried about cheating there are programs that can detect when people close or open another screen on their computer. Honestly does it make more sense for you to hold people back from moving towards their goals? Or are you more concerned about cheating?

  16. Since Ohio, Franklin County, and Columbus have been reopening since mid-March, it seems there must be some new information from the GED board. Please post on this website any plans: either 1) date to restart testing ( online testing, virtual testing, or live testing) with details of place and logistics; 2) a decision to postpone testing until a cetain date or 3; a decision to postpone testing indefinitely. Please make some announcment!

  17. oops! I meant reopening since mid-May! All the rest of my comments and my request stand as previously stated. Thanks.

  18. Hello I failed my mathematics ged exam and would like to retake it! Is there anyway I can do that my testing centers remain close

    1. Hi Erika! Unfortunately only certain students are eligible for online testing currently. Please click here to see if you’re eligible.

    1. I failed mines also and want to know how I can retake it .. it doesn’t make sense to talk about taking GED online to help people move on during covid but won’t let us retake it if we fail ecspecially when NO test center is open I called every school, Miami, Broward, pompano etc.

  19. Why are we only allowed one take on the online GED test? It’s difficult to try and reschedule a test if no one is answering to schedule at a test site. You should permit the same amount of retakes online as you do at a regular testing center! This is very frustrating.

  20. This is highly frustrating, I need my GED for this new job basically because there is no solution for this yet. I probably won’t get it and that is a shame because I need this new job during this pandemic. You are ruining people’s livelihoods by not taking fast action to help people further their education during a time when we need it most. I would risk my life with the virus just to take this test so I could get this job to keep food on my table right now.

  21. I’m trying to join the army and this is significantly hindering my process. Why isn’t there booths that are 6 ft apart where we can take these tests? Is this the only part of the education system that has no plan? They have been handing out diplomas like chocolate so I don’t get why a secondary education program is being so strict.

  22. Hola ,vivo en argentina ¿se puede hacer el examen en este pais?¿tienen sedes ?.No quiero hacerlo ahora sino mas adelante pero no he encontrado informacion .Por favor responda ya he hecho varias preguntas

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