Myths and Misconceptions About the GED

There’s a lot of info out there about the GED, but how can you tell what’s true or not? Let’s break down some of the most common myths.

Myth #1: “A GED Isn’t as Good as a High School Diploma

Totally false! Just like a high school diploma, the GED shows colleges and employers that you have the knowledge and skills required at a high school level. In fact, 98% of colleges and employers accept the GED. That means almost any college you want to attend or any company you want to work for can be an option!

Myth #2: “It’s Easy to Get a GED”

The GED journey is different for every student, but earning your GED is definitely doable if you prep right and keep your eyes on the prize. Some subjects may be easier for some learners than others.

GED prep doesn’t happen overnight, but we’re sure you can make it happen with the right tools, courses and support. Classrooms aren’t your thing? That’s ok! There are many online options instead. On average, students complete their GED in just three months, through in-person or online prep.

Remember, it’s amazing how much of a difference a teacher, friend or family member can have on keeping you going! Don’t be shy — tell them about your GED goal.

Myth #3: “Math is Impossible”

Many students find Math to be the toughest subject and typically take it as their last test. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. The GED team has spent years designing tools just for the GED test. You’ll learn exactly what you need to pass math without wasting time. In your student account, discover everything from free study guides to GED Live online classes to GED Flash with thousands of on-the-go practice questions.


Myth #4: “You’re Too Old to Get a GED”

People leave high school for many reasons; often, it has nothing to do with learning ability. As soon as you want to complete your high school equivalency, the opportunities are there to do so with no maximum age limit! We’ve also had amazing success stories from 70 to 90 year-olds, proving it’s never too late!

Myth #5: “If You Couldn’t Get Through High School, You Won’t Be Able to Get Through the GED Now”

What’s great about the GED is that you can take one subject at a time, prep at your own pace and choose the way you learn best. After all, over 20 million students who didn’t complete high school have gotten their GED. You can too!

Heard of other myths that you want to clear up? Put them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you.




  1. If I’ve already taken the four years of required math in high school, but still didn’t finish high school. And now want my GED do I still have to test on the math portion of the GED even though I’ve completed it in high school?

    1. Hi Natalie! Yes, if you want to earn your GED credential you will still need to take the math portion of the test.

    1. Hi Shannon. You will have to take the GED test at a local testing center so you will not need your own computer to take the GED.

    2. would i have to take all four tests at once? like could I spend some time studying math then take that test THEN move on to science and test? could i do one at a time? also in ged classes is there homework?

      1. Hi Kylee, you can take each test at your own pace you don’t need to take them all at once. Homework would depend on which adult education center you decide to attend!

  2. I took all my test but the math, need help located all others test n scores.

  3. Sorry need help relocating all other test and scores, do I need to retake all test or can I just complete my math test??

    1. Hi Marisol! It depends on the time period between your last tests. Please email for more information on tracking down your scores and being ready to test!

    1. Hi Cathy. No you will have to pass all four tests to get your diploma.

  4. If passed all tests with the basic grade 145 point, do i earn the diploma?

  5. Does the history section dive into lots of specific details like dates, specific names, and minor facts or is it more broad and surface level. Also does the math portion include imaginary numbers, calculus, and complex square root math?

    1. Hi Hudson! There will not be specific dates on the social studies test or calculus on the math test. For more information on what’s on each test, click here or log in to your student account to see your free GED study guides.

  6. I have a question I’m in homeschooling and I’m already done with some of the core classes can I be excepted from taking the classes I already passed in homeschooling or do I have to take them again and pass them

    1. Hi Jeffery. You are not required to take classes in order to take the GED test.

  7. I have a math learning disability. It came as a result of being epileptic. I have no trouble in anything else but I do seem to be a bit slower with time. I left HS for this reason. I’m 47 years old and my goal has always been to have a diploma or GED. I can’t pass the math.

  8. Does the GED show proof of completing basic algebra or would still need to take a separate algebra course?

    1. Hi Daniel! Nope the GED shows that you have a high school level of knowledge of math. You will not need to separate test.

  9. I have taken the ged Matt three times and scored the same on all three . What are some recommendations?

    1. Hi Tayana. GED Flash practice questions for math can be super helpful. It gives you hundreds of questions to practice from. We also suggest taking the GED Ready practice test when you feel confident you can pass because it will tell you how you’ll do on the real exam. It will also give you a personalized study guide of what to work one after you take it!

  10. Do I have to complete my ged test in one sitting or can I do some one day and finish it the next?

    1. Hi Marlene! You can split the four tests up however you want. You don’t need to take them all in the same day.

  11. I dropped out in the 7th grade I never made it to high school what are some recommendations?

    1. Hi Jessica. The GED may be a great option for you. We are a high school equivalency test that helps students get better jobs and/or attend college. You can get started by creating a free account at

  12. Can i give one GED subject test in one country and if unable to give the next in the same country, can i give the next subject’s test in a different country ( for example, Math in Pakistan and Science in America)

  13. If I pass 3 subjects with a score of 165 or above but fail math I have to take the whole test all over again in order to receive my diploma?

    How much time do I need to study for the GED?
    Do I need professional help or can I study on my own?

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Nermin. If you fail math but pass everything else you will just need to retake math not the rest of the subjects. On average, it takes students about 3 months to pass but can take shorter or longer depending how much time you have to study. You can study on your own but many of our students find in-person classes beneficial. Thank you!

  14. If I pass one subject test in the Hiset test and pass the other ones here, can I merge the test scores so I could pass my GED?

    1. Hi Nicole, no you cannot do that. You will need to take all 4 subject tests to pass the GED.

  15. I have already taken and passed the English portion of the GED. Can that be converted to credits toward my English for my high school diploma?

    1. Hi Jennifer. Are you enrolled in high school? When did you pass the English portion of the GED?

  16. Can a person take the GED tests if they are 18 and enrolled in an alternative high school program? They are technically behind in traditional school by a whole year.

  17. Hi! I’ve read somewhere that in Hongkong, the minimum requirement is two A levels with Grades of C or better. What if I no longer have my previous grades with me? And what does “two A levels” mean?

  18. Is the GED just a test on its own without any outside education needed. Can I just study on my own and take it?

  19. Hello , what is the time limit between every subjects tests?
    I mean can I take two months rest after every subject test to study and prepare for the next test ?

  20. Please excuse typos my hands are so swollen and using my cell.

    Saying its a myth that being able to pass overnight is not actually true. Me for example in I took the placement test with 0 prep of any kind and got such a high score i was able to directly into the 5 tests this happened in 2016 dropped out in 10th grade back on 2004 so 12 years no schooling and flew threw the test with flying colors. Scored way way above college and career readiness on all areas. Granted I have never been an average kid ive always excelled and dropped out due to family problems but even when I dropped my grade where great.

    Point is people do have and will likly do so In future be able to pass and even Excel on the test with 0 prep work each person is different this us why that do a placement test to see if you need to more studying and for which areas etc. I was very shocked I expected to need to study awhile so just go in assuming you will need to study to pass then if you don’t its a great feeling. And if you do Excell threw with no prep dont hesitate to mention it on your resume its landed me my dream job boss admited that’s why she hired me.

  21. If he’d test was taken in Florida and you failed math more than once and you plan to move, can you take only the math test in Tennessee?

    1. Unfortunately no because the state of Tennessee does not offer the GED test.

  22. Hello,
    I passed the English and history part of my istep in high school back in 2004 but failed the math section. Do I have to take all the tests again or only the math part to get my GED. I received a certificate of completion but I want my GED

  23. How do I take a GED test if my country doesn’t offer one. Do I have to go abroad or can I do them online?

    1. Hi Sai, we do not offer the GED test online internationally. What country are you testing in?

      1. I am thinking of doing one but my country doesn’t offer one. The closest country to me that I can take the test in is Bangkok. So if I want to take the test, do I have to go to Bangkok?

    1. Yes to officially earn your GED you’ll need to take and pass all 4 subjects.

  24. Why do I h ave to take the entire test over when I completed all but the writing test and was told no matter ,how long it took would not have to restart all over each time ?

  25. This is embarrassing but I only made it to the 9th grade. Im a 40 year old women and my reading and spelling are horrible. Really only know basic math. I really want to go back to school but need to get my GED but im scared!

    1. Hi Jessica! That is not embarrassing at all and you should not be afraid to talk about this. We offer so many resources to help you get started! We suggest potentially reaching out to a local prep center first to help you start studying again. That will also help you reach out to other students who are in similar circumstances. Our graduate stories page also can really help motivate you to see the success of our other students and show what you can do too:

  26. Hi, it is necessary to attend classes to take the GED exams I mean if I prep at home and feel ready to take it, can I just make and appointment for the test?

  27. Hi, so I’m a junior and I’m currently failing a lot of my classes and school has become very difficult for me. Is it possible for me to get my GED even though I’m not passing my classes?

  28. Hi, what is the time limit between tests? Can I pass two exams in a year then pass another two exams in the next year?

  29. I took the ged test in 2003 will I have to retake the entire test over or just the subject I didn’t get enough points?

    1. Hi Tasha. Since you took the test before 2014 you will have to retake all 4 subjects. Thank you!

  30. Hi I wanted to ask if it’s possible to go independently and not through the school anymore. My school offers ged but their taking too long when it comes to my bookings and I’d like write I had already written my science im left the remaining three so I wanted to know if it’s possible that I can just book for myself and go write? , if so would I have to write my science all over again
    I’m from South Africa by the way

  31. HI
    I’m doing self studying on GED I was wondering if any intuition could pay for my test. Money pretty tied right now
    any info would help. Thanks

    1. Hi Kouassi. Unfortunately we are not offering any scholarships for students right now.

  32. I’m a high school senior in Texas. I’ll be turning 18 at the end of this school year. Unfortunately, I’m not passing some of my core classes, and I’m not sure if I’ll be graduating this year. My school will automatically reenroll me in the fall to try again. In the summer, can I sign up to take my GED? If I don’t pass, can I still go back to my regular high school? The guidelines for Texas say that I cannot be enrolled in school while I take my GED test. Do I need to withdraw from school to take the test? If so, can I re-enroll if I don’t pass and want to go back to my regular school? If I do pass, am I still permitted to go back to school and get a regular diploma?

  33. If I wanted to, could I take multiple portions of the test in one sitting?

  34. Hi Demario Smith i went to Hinds Junior College in the of 2017 for the GED Class and pass three subject and failed math do i have to take all four subject again or can i just take the math test.

    1. Hi Demario! As long as you passed the other 3 subjects before 2014 you will not need to retake them.

  35. So, if I pass the GED in history, do I still need to take history, or must I do all 4. My plan was to take on or two of the tests but continue high school. Can I even go to high school after doing one of the tests?

  36. Is it possible to use a calculator or scratch paper during the math test?
    If so do they provide it for you?

    1. You will have scratch paper and a calculator during some parts of the math test. Both will be provided.

  37. If I took the GED test within one year after I was supposed to graduate, 2007 in Pennsylvania, and passed in the 99th percentile, am I eligible to receive a diploma? If so, how might I go about this?

  38. Due to a lot of mental health issues I wasn’t able to finish middle school. I am in seventh grade. Is it possible to take the GED, or do I have to finish up to the ninth grade? Please help!

  39. if I havent graduated high school yet but still have enough credits in one subject to pass, do I still have to redo that subject on the GED test?
    Like for example: if I had enough credits to pass the mathematics subject but still haven’t graduated high school yet would I still have to redo the mathematics subject on the GED test?

    1. Hi Krista. Yes to get your GED you would need to pass all 4 subjects.

  40. Hello. I’m embarrassed to admit that I have never been to school. I was taken out of school at kindergarten level, and was never home schooled. I’m 27 years old and I do NOT have a basic understanding of the 4 test subjects. What would you recommend? Finding personal tutoring has been beyond difficult and I’m losing hope. Getting an education has been my biggest dream as an adult, but I’m so lost as to what I can do.

  41. Hi, do test scores expire in Washington state? I Took three of the tests in June 2019 can I continue with my math test later this month it’ll be over two years

    1. Hi Diana! Your test results do not expire. Once you pass the Math section you will have your GED!

  42. Hi I want to get my GED because traditional school has not worked out for me. The site says because i’m 17 I won’t receive my diploma till I turn 18. Does that mean I can’t go to college till I turn 18 ?

  43. Does a GED cover everything that a high school education does? How long does it take to complete? Can I use it to go to a US university?

    1. Hi Nathan. Yes it is considered a high school equivalency diploma. On average it takes students 3 months to complete but can change depending on how much time you have to dedicate to studying. You can attend US universities with the GED.

  44. Hi! does the GED test change over the years, I wanna study for it but I’m afraid that the practice tests online or the books that I’ll decide to buy won’t be up date.

    1. Hi Ann. All of the materials we provide are up to date with the test. The specific questions may change but the skills being tested remain the same.

  45. I can see that a lot of people are getting their GED with ease. Well that puts those who have serious learning issues especially when it comes to the math portion of the test, in a bad light. I for one am one of those people who have a serious learning disability, and cannot pick up on such math that is required for a GED. I think that the math portion should be left out especially if it is trig, calculus, and multiplecation, devision and so on. Getting a great paying job shouldn’t require no more or less of addition, or subtraction. Who uses math on a day to day basis that involves other than the addition or subtraction now days? Getting a job should be based on what the person knows of the field that they are applying for, not their math skills. And every body is wondering why so many people can’t get jobs now days. Because of all of the stupid tight regulations on the persons math skills, is the reason why no one can get a good job! They would rather get on welfare, than go through all of that extra schooling just to get the job they would go for. It makes no sense at all. I will put this in simple words, I am a high school drop out, and would fail the GED course thousands of times. It makes no sense for me to try for the GED, just to find myself back where I am now. Its pointless! So I am glad that I am on SSI, because I will not make it at all. Its not worth going through all of that stress, just to see that I am a failure. I all ready know that I am. But some people just don’t see that, they think that I am a freaking genius. Not true. You all are but not me. I do have electrical and electronic skills, but never did learn the math part. I never used the math when I did all of the electrical wiring in my own house. The house is still standing, and its been 10 years since I did the work. No math needed!

  46. Hi I took the test on 2005/2006 I fail the math portion not by much I was told o only have to take the math I got a transcript of all subjects and lost it how can I obtain one in NYC I did the test at an adult learning center.

  47. I’ve been taking the math test (which is my last subject) for like 5 years now (since 2017 according to my score reports) and I just took the math test yesterday and it seemed like the easiest test but yet I got the lowest score yet (135 I think was what it was) and i had 30 questions even my instructor at shawnee college in IL says he doesn’t know what to-do are there ways to either see specific questions of the test to study or ways to get lower grade math? Versions that doesn’t have function and equations? I’ve literally hit rock bottom trying to past it. 🙁

  48. If I only failed a test by 1 point and its pasted my 3rd attempt why do i still gotta wait 60 days instead of just taking it again the next day or week?

  49. Can I take the GED if I’m not enrolled in an American school? (Even if I am enrolled in a local high school and my country is listed as ‘other countries’)

  50. I’ve been taking the math test (which is my last subject) for like 5 years now (since 2017 according to my score reports) and I just took the math test yesterday and it seemed like the easiest test but yet I got the lowest score yet (135 I think was what it was) and i had 30 questions even my instructor at shawnee college in IL says he doesn’t know what to-do are there ways to either see specific questions of the test to study or ways to get lower grade math? Versions that doesn’t have function and equations? I’ve literally hit rock bottom trying to past it. 🙁 If I only failed a test by 1 point and its pasted my 3rd attempt why do i still gotta wait 60 days instead of just taking it again the next day or week?

  51. I know it already stated the age but is it possible for me to take the test at 14 or 15? Im planning on getting my GED, learning a trade, then moving on to college and High school just isn’t doing it for me. Im basically learning nothing and im just wasting my time. Please get back to me and if it’s important I live in Florida.

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