How to Obtain a Copy of Your GED Transcript

Congratulations on getting your GED! All that hard work and preparation paid off. Perhaps you’re wondering, “How to get a copy of my GED transcript?” Or maybe you want a copy of your diploma. 

What’s the difference between a diploma and a transcript? 

Your diploma is the certificate issued by your state. It means you have earned your high school equivalency. Your transcript is the official record of all the test subjects you took. It also lists your scores. 

Many colleges and universities will require you to submit a copy of each to be accepted and start taking classes. Check out the details about how to get both your diploma and transcripts after passing the test!

Original copies 

Some states usually send an email to you right after you pass. This includes a copy of your diploma and transcript. If you didn’t get one, you might live in a state that sends out paper copies instead. 

To find out, look up your state’s GED policy page and look for their procedures. 

Keep in mind that even if sent in email form, this is your official diploma and transcript. Download and save these documents immediately once you receive them. Make sure your laptop is equipped with Adobe software (version 6.0 or higher) to do this successfully.

Replacement copies

Unfortunately, there is no national process when ordering a replacement GED diploma or transcript. Again, each state has its own process and the can vary widely. For example, in some states, copies of GED diplomas and transcripts are provided by the organization where you took your GED test. Others are kept with the state agency in charge.

We recommend everyone keep records regarding where and how you took your test. This makes ordering replacement documents in the future a lot easier. 

To request a replacement, contact the organization you took your test with. For instance, this can be an online testing company or an adult education program. Some students take their GED class and test at a local high school or vocational school. In any case, these programs will replace a lost GED transcript or diploma. 

If they don’t have a copy, someone should refer you to a state agency where you can retrieve the requested documents. If all else fails, or you didn’t keep information about where you took your test, contact your state Department of Education. They should be able to point you in the right direction. 

“Help, I lost my GED diploma!”

Go to your state Department of Education website or call them directly. Online, find the section where they have order forms to “replace a lost GED certificate.”

In some states, this is simple. You download a form from an agency website, print it, fill out the required information, and send it in. 

They may require you to request a paper form over the phone or via the website in other states. This might take a bit longer than a web form, but you can also write a letter asking for a copy of your GED transcript and diploma. 

If you do write a letter, you’ll need to include your: 

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number 
  • Full name at the time of the test
  • Location and year of the test 
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number 

You’ll pay a small processing fee. This is usually payable by certified check or money order. Finally, include a self-addressed stamped envelope large enough for your GED diploma to lay flat. A 10 x 13-inch envelope typically works in this case.

How long will this take?

Mail the form or letter to the appropriate state agency. Most physical diploma and/or transcript orders take approximately 1-2 days to process. Getting them in the mail can take up to several weeks. 

Please allow at least a few months for processing and shipping. Don’t wait until the last minute before beginning this request. And before you place an order, call and confirm that you have the correct information and address.

“I can’t remember where I took my GED test.”

Call any local organization offering GED prep classes and/or testing. Personally call and ask to speak to supervisors who will be able to direct you. They’ll know how to help. Don’t just email and hope for the best. 

When you do find the correct location, be sure to ask for more copies than you think you need to avoid this hassle in the future. 

When you’ve received your copies, store them in a safe location. Also, keep a record of where they came from and how you got them. Just in case you need more copies down the road.

“How do I get my GED test scores online?” can help you with that. Click here and follow the instructions. You will answer a couple of questions before you’re directed to the appropriate page.


  1. I need a copy of my GED to start work in the union. I passed my test at New Castle Correctional Facility in 2008

    1. That’s a good question!! I took mine in Kansas at Little House in 1980, I went there a few years later because I needed it for a job and I’d moved so I never received the papers. They told me they had no record of it. This infuriated me, I took these tests and passed quite well, according to the person at the court house who administered these tests. I would appreciate knowing however I sincerely doubt we’ll ever find the answer. Wishing you the best and hoping you’ll find the answers.

  2. I need a copy of my GED I took the test back in 2009 or 2010 I need it so I can get a job at east Liverpool city hospital

  3. I need a copy or a fax of my GED for a new job.
    I can not start training until this particular item is provided.
    This is an emergency situation, is their an expedited process?

    1. I took my GED in 2016 at FCI Berlin. That’s a federal prison in NH. I lost my GED since getting out of prison and I would like to get a copy of it. How do I get it?

  4. I am trying to register to access my records but no matter what I do I can not get past the first basic info page. I have done it and re done it a dozen times and it won’t budge off the first register for an account page!

  5. I am tryng to request my father ged transcript. He completed the process spring 2022.He is applying at adams state university and they need his transcript. Is there a number I can call?

  6. I got my high school diploma from an online school back in2008 and for the life of me I cannot remember what the school was called the diploma read liberty high school but for some reason I was thinking the school has a different name and now I’m trying to enroll in collage and I can’t get my transcripts I got into collage years ago with this diploma but I contacted them to see if they still had something on file but they do not please help

  7. I received my GED in prison at MCI FRAMINGHAM in approximately 1993-1994 how to I get a copy of it. I need it asap for a new job

  8. I need to know only I received my GED maybe 1980 – 1983.
    Nellie Delgado at time of testing.

  9. I received my GED at Inglewood Adult School in Inglewood, California in 1992 and Need a Copy of it ASAP. Please respond.

  10. I received my GED while I was at Pulaski State Prison from Central Georgia Technical College how do I go about getting a copy of it

  11. I was in a reform school near Philadelphia and I past my GED taken at a community College could anyone help me find a transcript or copy. Thanks

  12. I was trying to get a copy of my GED I took in prison I end up losing it… In I lost my memory…off a car wreck

  13. I need a copy of my GED . I obtained my GED during my incarceration at Maryland Correctional Institution in Hagerstown Maryland

  14. I took my ged through an adult school .they said I passed in 94 or 95 but there is no record of it.i called I paid for my parchment and twice it said my parchment was canceled.i heard that this has happened to alotvof people when I tried going back to school.

  15. I got my ged in Arizona state prison around 1985 at Perryville how do i get a copy of it , my new job is asking for ged or highschool diploma

  16. In feb/19/1980 I got my GED in the city of Paramount, California paramount high school I would like my certificate. I never got it. Please help me. Thank you.

  17. Hello I’m wondering who an how I can get in contact with getting my records for my ged test I took in federal prison in danbury connecticut back in 2014 or 2015 I cannot remember.

  18. I need información,i Lost My ged diploma i need a copy assap how mucho is it going to be to pay for the copy?can if posible provide me with the address or e-mail adress to the required please i’m límites to My ability to move and i requiere help please help me thanks.

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