How to Know if You Have a Valid GED

Updated 09/15/2020

The GED test is a second chance for people who didn’t receive a formal high school degree to earn their high school credentials. Having a valid GED provides an opportunity to move forward in life like going to college or opening the door to a wider variety of careers.

Do Fake GED Certificates Work?

Unfortunately, there are diploma mills out there that try to take advantage of those who want their GED certificate and only provide fake tests and certificates. Fake certificates hold no value. Therefore, if students use a fake GED credential or high school diploma, they can get kicked out of school or lose their job. It is definitely not worth the risk. A real GED is worth it.

Additionally, sometimes these certificates are purchased intentionally, while other times people purchase them as victims of a scam. That’s why it’s important to know ahead of time how to prevent purchasing a fake GED certificate. Here are five tips to help avoid getting fooled by a faulty GED website. 

1. Online GED Tests Are Only Administered on

GED tests are given to those eligible – you must reside in a participating state and score “green” on the GED Ready practice test. You can find everything you need to know about the official Online Proctored GED® test here. Be aware of other sites that are not affiliated with GED and offer a quick, often fake GED credential.

2. They’re Attached to Non-Accredited Online High Schools

While some school districts are moving toward online schools, there is a difference between an accredited program from a school district that is working with high school age students, and an online high school that is promising it can give you a GED diploma when you complete. Be careful when dealing with online schools and fake programs.

If you want to know if the program you’re looking to join is accredited and can provide you with a GED certificate, a simple search online may provide you with the answer and provide you with reviews. If that doesn’t work, consider getting in touch with a local college or community college. You don’t have a real GED certificate if they don’t accept the certification. 

3. They Offer a Test “Based On” the GED Test

A legitimate GED test is never going to be “based on” the GED test. It is not the real deal if there is any wording in the test that distances it from the official GED test.

4. They Try to Sell You Your GED Diploma

You should never be able to buy a GED certificate without taking the test. If you pay to skip the test, then you do not have a legitimate certificate. 

Do not be confused by having to pay to take the test. The official GED test is not free to take unless you reside in a state that currently offers free or discounted testing. You can find out what your state charges for the test by visiting the state policy pages. It’s not official if you did not go to a testing center or take it through  

Earning a Valid GED Certificate

If you’ve discovered your certificate is a fake, then you should get a real GED credential. For example, it’s a lot like having a fake driver’s license. It isn’t the same as having a real one and you can run into trouble for being in possession of it. 

Fortunately, it is possible, and worth your while, to earn your GED certificate the right way. Therefore, by taking the time to prepare for the test, you can pass and receive a valid certificate. Once you earn your GED certificate the right way, you will be on your way to a better future without having to look over your shoulder. 



  1. I took my GED test and passed 2 and havent done the other 2. I wanted to know if i can still take my tests. It has been over a year and some change since i’ve taken my test. I wanted to know if their still active. Thank you.!!

    1. Hi Kenrry! Your tests should still be valid. We encourage you to take the last 2 and become a GED graduate!

      1. Where can we find these test score I got the same situation,I passed 2 but failed 2 …where do I go to or who do I call so I could re take this test I need to pass then . Thank u 🙏

      2. hello, I wanted to know one thing. My grandmother got her GED back in the 90s and was able to put an actual high school on her diploma. She took the ged classes at her local testing center but was able to put whatever high school she wanted on it, could I do the same?

    2. The last time I did my GED was in 2014. Do I have to do the test all over? I only needed a little higher percentage an I pass.

      1. Hi Crystal. You should not have to retake the tests you took in 2014 if you passed because that is when it was last updated.

        1. I can’t find my test either from 2014 I took it at a testing location in Colorado and there it says it can’t locate my GED

    1. Hi Matt! Currently we do not offer online testing. There are plenty of study materials you can utilize until test centers open up, however keep following us for any updates!

  2. I’ve passed three of the four tests but due to personal problems I haven’t taken the last one I tried to sign into my account with it telling me my username doesn’t exist does this mean I have to retake all of them? Last one was taken in 2019 or 2018

    1. Hi Sarah! Unless you’re testing in the state of New Mexico you definitely should not have to retake them! If you’re struggling to log in to your account please email and they should get you logged back in shortly. Thank you!

  3. Hi- I’m 32 yo.. wishing to have a hs diploma but my problem is my transcripts records is I need to get international- Philippines.. is there any way that I can still take the online classes= and get a hs diploma? Since I was a kid. When I grow up I wanna be a soldier. It’s never too late right,,

  4. I went to adult classes in tennessee and went to Maryland to take my Ged
    So where originally my Ged is from??my adult class or the maryland college where i took my exam??is there a website where i csn find that info?

  5. Hi. I haven’t done my Ged for 1 or 2 months and it seemed to logged me out. Is there any chance you can log me back on?

    1. how did you receive your GED by mail or did you have to pay $15 to get it.
      does it look legit? did you do the online testing for all four subjects?

      I want to be proud of myself too and not get played for my money!!

      btw good job Frieda, you’ve open many more doors to your future cant wait to get there.

  6. So on your site right now it states that because of Covid-19 you can take the GED test online. All 4 subjects. Is this true or not? Even your own site says not to trust “fake GED sites”. I’m just curious.

  7. I tested green on all my practice test, I qualified for the official online testing. I took the language arts test today got my result within 10 minute and passed it, but as I see from the top student he was just informed that there are no online testing available. Is this a fraud getting played for my money or am I going to received my legit GED at the end of all my online testing… theres no where on this website that tells us how we will receive our GED once we have completed all subjects.

  8. Hello there i took my GED test in 2006. I am needing a copy of it. And when I tried to get it, it said do to the year contract the publisher? I have been trying to do so and I have had no response. What is the next step?

  9. Hi, Im writing to you regarding a verification of a GED certificate for a person who is applying for a job position and mentions as reference he took the GED Test, How can I validate his GED certificate?

  10. I need to report a former friend who lied about their GED and received a esthetician’s degree in Colorado. Where can I report this information?

  11. Hi there! I passed the GED test last July, and was accepted in a good university outside of the U.S.A. The admissions and registrar’s office, however , are asking for my GED credentials to be apostilled. Do you have any service or recommendations for such procedure?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Sandra! The Apostille process needs to be handled by way of our call center. They will kick off the process to begin the credential verification gathering process. Here is the contact info: Please note that call time waits have been longer than usual, but we will try and get to you as fast as possible. Thank you!

      1. please help I start a community college in he fall and I received my ged in Wilsonville Oregon at the women’s prison there and im not sure what my log in credentials are and nobody will seem to help please anyone out here as you read I was released prison two years ago and so I want to continue on the right path but this is my only road block thank you all friends

  12. Hey there! When i complete my ged test on your website will i be receiving a certificate ? how does that work to show proof that i passed.

  13. Hello my daughter passed in the green for 4 subjects on practice test. Then when taking the actual online test she only passed the Social Studies portion. My question is how does she retest on the sections she didn’t pass so she can get her GED for her job. All this testing practice and actual was done online here in Texas. Please help and advise. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Stephen. Retakes for online testing are not available yet but should be in the next couple of weeks. Your daughter will receive an email and notification in her account when she is eligible to retake them online. Thank you!

  14. I took my ged completed and passed back in 2009, I am now looking for a record of it for a job , with no luck. Who do I contact to get this information?

  15. Its been almost 2 and a half years Since i took my GED test. So I passed 2 of them, but the other 2 I did not. Do I have to restart the whole test?

    1. Hi Donnie! If you tested from 2014 forward in the U.S. you don’t have to start over and can use those scores to earn a credential. Thank you!

        1. Hi Justine. Unfortunately, you will need to retake the all of the tests as the GED test was updated in 2014.

    1. I’ve just posted a comment, I did mine about the same time and pass a few and failed maybe 2 I think so I would like to know this information myself, I just came across this site .

  16. I did my GED test 10yrs ago through the Winnetka learning center in MN. They have since closed down and I never got my Certificate. Do I now need to retake and pay for the test to get into college?

  17. I have a job applicant who is not able to provide his official GED certificate, but is able to provide his test transcripts. Do most institutions accept these transcripts as proof of a GED? What would I need to look for on the transcripts to know if he passed?

    1. Hi Corey! Many institutions accept an official transcript as proof of a GED credential. The GED transcript shows when the student successfully completed the GED test subjects. You can view FAQs about transcripts and learn more about how employers can do verifications here:

  18. I passed all my GED exams, and I am still waiting for my diploma to come in! It’s been 14 business days since I ordered the diploma! I really need it for college & I don’t have it! Is my diploma coming in the mail or no?

    1. Hi Nikolina! There may be some delays due to Black Friday and the many packages getting delivered before the holidays. Email and they should be able to assist you. Thank you!

  19. What is the minimum age to take the GED? My 15-yr-old just scored 2209 on the SAT (9th grade), and we’re now considering the GED.

  20. Hello, I’ve taken some GED classes years ago and I failed 2 subjects, how can I find my information and can I just take the 2 test over that I failed ? Do I need to take over a new test ? I really wasn’t planning on it as I have ready pass my a few subjects

    1. Hi Shawn! You can email and they can help you find your old information. If you took the tests you passed after 2014 you will not need to retake them. However, if you took them before you will need to retake them and take the ones you failed as well.

  21. My name is Coamyra and I took the GED Test twice. The first time I scored 223 and this second time I scored 224 . I just took the test last in December of 2014 I passed all of the tests with 450 except Math it was a 415. With that being sad do so really have to take the whole test over?

  22. I have written a letter of recommendation for someone that I have since found out purchased a fake GED. I am unsure if she received a GED or not. How do I find out? I’m concerned about writing a letter of reference for her when I now believe she has lied.

  23. Is there any way to prove that I’m currently in the process of completing my GED?

    Example: A copy of my practice results or any registered form with my information that I can request to show my employer?

    1. Hi M. ​We suggest showing your employer that you created an account or are making progress by purchasing study materials and taking the practice tests. You can send them screenshots from your account if you’re comfortable with that.

    1. Hi Jen. You should not purchase a fake GED. If you’re looking for a job that requires a GED or attending college, they will need proof that you passed the real GED test.

  24. I was in ft Lewis Washington and took ged test and ets out of the army before i got my score how do i find out if i passed

    1. Hi Joe. Are you trying to find your GED scores? They should be in your student account after you take the exams.

  25. My proctor never showed up to my online science test. I completed check-in and was 20 minutes early. I finished my social studies test successfully using the same computer and internet. After waiting for 40 minutes after the supposed starting time, I decided to quit and reschedule the test, which was an option according to the websites of both GED and Pearson. I emailed on Jan.9 to report the problem, but they never replied.
    This issue is also stopping me from completing my GED, because I’m not sure if the same thing will happen again and I will be throwing away my 35 dollars again. Please help.

  26. My 84-year-old father took his GED many years ago but never got a certificate. He really wants to get that before he passes away is the best thing to do just have him take the all the test again?

  27. Hello how far back if I passed all my subjects but 1 will I have to re-test? It’s been over 10 years ago

  28. Hi, im born 1969 in Germany, lived there until 10 years ago. I only have proof of my 3 year education as interior designer in Germany, what was past general school of course. I have no proof of my school diploma. Since ged was necessary for my interior design education is that diploma proof enough? I wanted to get a real estate license in Florida. Im a legal permanent resident btw

  29. Please help😞 I was laid off from my job of 22 years and I was under the false assumption that I had completed my diploma, but apparently I was short some credits( I don’t know how my previous employer verified it, if they did) but now I found a really good job and I need my GED fast I’m scared I can’t do it😢

  30. I passed all 4 tests in March 2014 i cannot access my ged account or my email to it anx i have a job offer that requires i present my ged i need to order one how can i do so please it is urgent!!

    1. Hi Cassandra. You can get started by creating a free account at From there you will find out all of the info you’ll need on studying, scheduling your tests and more.

  31. I took my Ged test 14 years ago, I failed the math test by 5 points, is there anyway I can just retest only on the math?

    1. Unfortunately you will need to take all 4 tests again as they have changed since then.

  32. Greetings
    Our Registrar’s office in NUC University has a policy for high school validation. We received a copy of high school equivalency transcript (test date March 2001). Diploma sender generated a document on August 2019.

    How can I validate if the document is authentic?

  33. How can I attest GED certificate? I live in Bangladesh and wanted to apply for master’s in Finance in Germany. Please let me know the procedure for attestation.

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