How to Get Your GED as an Adult

GED as an AdultWhy is it important to get your GED? For adults without a high school diploma, a GED can help in many ways. 

You may be thinking, “I’m an adult. Is it too late for me to get an education? What are my choices?” The short answer is: It’s never too late. You are more valuable than you realize. Getting your GED, combined with your life experience, will help you get to wherever you want to go. 

The Benefits of a GED

When you’re considering whether to get your GED, be aware of certain benefits that make the time and effort worthwhile. Getting your GED allows you to: 

  • Apply for better-paying jobs. The high-salary positions with benefits often require a high school diploma or GED. 
  • Get into college. A diploma or GED is required for higher education. 
  • Apply for scholarships. If you work hard, with higher than average scores, you’ll qualify for funding that helps pay for college or technical training.
  • Advance from your current position or in your field. A GED opens doors that may have been previously closed.  
  • Learn effective study skills and test-taking strategies. This will be valuable if you decide to go on to higher learning or take job-specific exams to advance your career. 
  • Change and grow. This is a great opportunity to get rid of bad habits and start good ones that work for you and help you get more out of life. 
  • Be proud of yourself. It takes a lot of work to study and get your GED. Your self-confidence will grow through this experience. 
  • Accomplish goals. You’ll be able to work hard and get something tangible as a result. Then you can go anywhere!
  • Join the armed services. You can proudly serve your country once you’ve passed the GED and go on to take the necessary training to advance through the ranks. 
  • Set a good example. Your children, partners, and colleagues will look to you as a role model who faced some struggles but made this dream come true. 

Adult GED Classes

Online programs like GED+ are convenient because you can log in and take these classes anytime. No matter where you live in the United States, you can access these powerful, interactive tools to learn each subject when it’s convenient for you. This is especially helpful for adults who have full-time jobs, childcare duties, or other responsibilities. 

With GED+, you’ll also benefit from a personal advisor. This extra guidance will help you stay focused and organized. They also have a “test pass guarantee.” This means you’ll be able to take the tests until you pass them without paying for retakes. With the absence of financial pressure, you’ll take tests with less stress, knowing you can take them again if needed. 

When you research GED programs for adults, examine what study tools and practice tests they offer. What do former students have to say about the program? Do they have good online reviews? Do they have recordings you can view at any time? Ask about scholarships and other resources that might help you pay for tutoring or books. Inquire about flexible class schedules and how they help students with specific learning issues. 

Many people want to help you succeed. Take advantage of the support and guidance. Talk to your HR department at work and see if they provide financial assistance for employees working on getting their GED. 

The Convenience of Online Learning

One of the benefits of our tech-driven environment is online education programs. They’re an inclusive format that’s allowed millions of adults to further their education and get ahead. 

Online learning has improved over the last two decades. The classes are entertaining. They hold a student’s attention and often come with study guides and materials that appeal to different learning styles. They also offer practice tests. 

Convenience is one of the best things about adult GED online programs. Students continue with their usual daily routines, whether that’s taking care of family or working full-time jobs. You’ll still have time to complete online classes and get your GED. You’ll also save time and gas money by doing all this from home.

A Proud Accomplishment

There are many financial, professional, and personal reasons to get your GED. You can choose among many online programs to prepare without interfering with your daily life. It doesn’t matter why you left high school. What matters is that you’re back on track. You’re ready to combine hard-earned life experiences with a GED to open doors to the future. 

College, better jobs, or military service are just some of the ways you can advance your life by passing the GED. Get started today!


  1. Hi! I’m an adult ESL teacher. I have many students that I work with who want their GEd, but can’t afford to pay for it. Do you offer any free resources that I could use to help my students?

    1. Hi my name is Doris Parker I would like to go to school and get my GED cuz I’m trying to go to college and I can’t go to college without a GED or graduate

  2. I am 55 years old and only had one more year of school to take. Do I really need to take classes for 4 yrs? How do I just take the test? I was going to night school for a while but they needed me to take 4 yrs. I went to school for 9 through 11th grade. How can I can a transcript from the schools I went to.

  3. How long does the GED take to get. And is the test part of this program. I see others just say classes. I’m 42 years old and disabled. I only want it because my mother has always wanted me to have it. And what’s the cost. Thank you

  4. Hi I’m Yvette B Quintero, I’m interested of getting my Adult GED online, I’ve been wanting to get it but I’m a babysitter their anyway I can squeeze in to do GED Classes.

  5. hi there i was wondering are there any free on line course i would like to get my grade12 and then move on the healthe careaid im 41 year old and could use all the help i can get i work full time dureing the day monday to friday 8am til 4pm but able to try and get some evening classes. i do have a learning dislacked it take s me a whileto understand some work and i have tryed going back a few times but the lack of help from the treacher it was hard to focuces so any help would be great im from brandon manitoba canada

  6. My dad is debating on taking the GED test but he is a senior citizen and hasn’t been a school setting in a really long time. Are there any specific or modified tests for seniors?

  7. Hello I need or want a GED Diploma, and I want to know how can I get one that is acredited. I am 73 yrs old and I want one that I can get and take the test as you all say till i get it right. I need this for me and my own confedents. How cdan I get in touch with you?

  8. What if I can’t afford to take the test? I am a single mother of three and can’t hold down a job because I don’t have a ged or high school diploma.

  9. Hello I would like to get my GED to power myself and get better opportunity and jobs I’m over 40 is there any way you could help me I’d like to enroll in school if possible thank you

  10. Sam uel I’m interesting to get my GED to better myself and get better job
    And it’s possible that I will get a free classes to get my GED and I’m over 40 years old can you let me know thank you

  11. Hello, my name is Ran. And I would love to get my G.E.D I didn’t thing I needed it but I’m up for a nice job I have always wanted to have and the only thing that is holding me back is that I have no G.E.D. I’m 64 yrs. old and I really would like to achieve. that part of my life.

  12. I would like to get my GED and im 61 and dont have the money to pay for classes,and would like to do online classes to get a job in healthcare,and I did make it to 12 grade ,but mom passed andI didnt finsh.

  13. ElizabethSudberry, need to know about the online ged . ,Also if you have ged for slow reading for adults and now a senior. I’ve tried so many times , not such success with a good passing score. And I have been to free ged class with tutors. But all I got was repeated seat paper work. I’m noticing a problem with reading. Thankyou.

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