How Do I Get My GED and How Long Does it Take?

Getting your GED offers a chance at a better future. With a little preparation and effort, you’ll have the certification you need to get a higher paying job and an opportunity to further your education. 

How do I get my GED? How long does it take to get a GED? If these are questions that have been running through your mind, we have the answers.

How long it takes to get your GED all depends on your skill level and education. On average, it takes 3 months, but it could be faster depending on how prepared you are for the exam. Check out the step-by-step process you will need to follow in order to successfully get your GED.


1. Know What’s on the Test

The GED is broken into four separate exam topics. You’ll need to be well-versed in all of these subjects to pass the exam. The topics you will be tested on include:

  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Reasoning through Language Arts

The GED is not a test of rote memorization, so make a study plan where you’re practicing your ability to reason, analyze, draw conclusions, and present answers.

2. Take Practice Tests

Practice tests are an excellent way to get familiar with the real GED test. You’ll learn your strengths and weaknesses as well as the format of the exam. Take several practice tests throughout the study process to gauge how you’re progressing. You can find GED Ready, the official GED practice test here.

GED Ready will conveniently give you a red, yellow, or green score to indicate your likelihood of passing the real GED exam. You’re ready to take the exam once you’re confident in your knowledge base and you’ve achieved a green score on GED Ready.

3. Schedule Your Test

You must schedule your test in advance online. There is no strict timeline as to when you must take the exam, so be sure to choose a date and time when you’ll feel alert and prepared. The four GED exam subjects can be taken separately, or all at once, depending on your preference. Tests are taken at a testing center somewhere near you. To schedule your test:

  • Log into your GED account
  • Choose which test subjects you want to take
  • Select the test date and time that works best for you
  • Pay for the test with a debit or credit card

4. Taking the Test

It’s natural to feel a little nervous on the day of the test. To combat nerves, make sure you’ve prepared yourself by getting plenty of sleep and eating a healthy meal before you enter the exam center. Eliminate the chance of being late by checking out the test site in advance. Make sure you know where to park and how to get to the testing center.

Review the rules of the test and bring a snack to pull out during the allotted break times. By following these tips, you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

Enrolling in a GED Course

If you’re ready to create the future you want by obtaining your GED, you can sign up for a GED course to help you get there. GED courses prepare you to tackle any subject matter that comes your way on testing day. If you prefer an online class, you can get instruction and customized help from top-rated Kaplan instructors.



  1. Hi, This is Virginia Bronola,

    I would like to get my GED fast but I’m not good in math.
    all I need is to review and practice. but work a lot also. I really to finish it this year.
    thanks, But I cant to pay cuz. I can’t afford it.

    1. Hi Virginia! We have free study guides to help you review for each test. Additionally, we offer different tools like GED Live online classes if you don’t have time to attend classes in-person. For more help and information please email and they can further assist you with all your questions and pricing options.

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      1. Just attempt the practice tests and I’m fairly certain you’ll find it’s not as hard as you believe. Seeing passing scores on the practice tests will kickstart the process of you getting your GED. I procrastinated for a while until a family member gave me some much needed motivation, Shortly after hearing what he had to say I took the 4 practice tests, Passed them and then scheduled the real tests. Got the GED in less than a week. Give it a go. It’s not as hard as you think!

          1. Hello I live in FL and I want to take the ged test. Is this legit ? Do I need to contact any tech school to start the ged ?

      2. My son (who had been failing 11th grade) studied for two weeks and then passed all four exams in a week, one with college credit. It can be done! (My son is very intelligent, just needs motivation and a non-traditional school environment.)

  3. Would I be able to get my GED if I took each section separately? For instance, I so far passed science, math and social studies. The last section is language arts. Once I pass that as well, does that count as passing and be able to get my GED even though I took each section separately?

    1. Hi James. Yes, once you pass the RLA test you will officially be a GED graduate! You don’t need to take the tests together, you are able to take them separately and still earn your GED.

      1. My test center says 4 months ged classes in-person & 2 months e-learning.
        After doing 4 months classes, i will have 2 months to sit and pass all the 4 subject tests or can i take as much time i want to pass after 4 months ?
        Basically test center said 2 months e-learning.

    2. I would be very greatful if I can have any great minds too get my bed and make them proud of me because without them I wouldn’t be here goodnight

    3. Hello I’m curious about getting my GED. I never started high school and I am curious where to start? How long would it take for someone like me to obtain their GED? I do plan on studying still after getting my GED because I want to do better for myself. I’d really appreciate some advice/guidance
      thanks in advance

      1. Hi Dominic! The GED can take as short or long as you like depending on your study habits. On average, it takes students about 3 months to complete. We suggest starting by creating a free account at From there you’ll be able to find all of the information you need about each test and what is required.

  4. I got my GED in August 2018 it was
    one of the best things to happen to me
    in my life. When I was born the doctors
    didn’t think I would be able to read and
    write or do anything with my life I sure
    or communicate for that matter
    proved them wrong.

  5. Hi,
    My grandson has taken 3 of the 4 GED tests individually. How long does he have to take the 4th test? Is there a time limit before he’d have to take them all over?

  6. Hi, I just took two of the ged subjects and passed both. I have two left. Is there a time limit on when I have to finish my whole GED? I am in need of about a month to study for what I have left to pass. Is that okay or is their a time limit on when this must be completed? Hope this makes sense!

    1. Hi Lilly, a month is great! Unless you’re testing in New Mexico no others states have a time limit so you should be fine. If you have more questions please email

  7. Hi,
    I want to take the GED test, i will like to know how long it will take me to prepare for it, the pricing and the study available to enable me pass it.
    Also is it possible for me to take the the 4 test all in one day.
    Awaiting your urgent reply

    1. Hi Faith! You can visit for all the information on pricing and all of the study tools we offer. On average it takes most students 3 months to pass but could take shorter! You also can take all 4 tests in one day. Please email with other questions.

  8. Hi I took my GED over 20 years ago. I know horrible. I passed two parts to the test. Are records ever kept for me to show proof and then take the last 2 portions

  9. hi,
    I want to take GED class, i recently moved from my homeland Pakistan and i am studying in Philadelphia girls High school. I was suppose to be in 12 grade but I’m missing with 2.5 credits to graduate can you please let me know that will i be able to complete my diploma till September if i take GED classes and tests so that i can apply for my college in this September.

    1. Hi Gulalay! With the current Covid-19 situation we can’t guarantee you can take the tests before September. It will depend on a state by state basis if testing centers will be open. However, you can begin all of the preparation you need online! We offer online classes and much more. Click here for more information.

  10. Hi I would like to ask if its possible to cram for the ged test in 1 week because I need to take it as soon as possible, and the best available testing date is June 5, I also just ordered my prep book from Amazon.

    1. Hi Cyan! Anything is possible but it may be tough. On average students take around 3 months to pass the GED test but many have passed it sooner. We have many great study tools online to help. We suggest taking the GED Ready practice test before the real thing to know how you’ll actually score.

  11. Hello Rep,

    I placed an order May 22nd, and have not received any information pertaining to GED Live – All four subjects. Considering the recent pandemic and holiday, I anticipate some delays. Could you provide an estimated date as to when my order will be produced/delivered? Please reference order number 827860 and contact me via email. Thank you for partnering with me to find a solution!

  12. I’m new here in USA.. I don’t know about the Education system of this country so can I pass this exam in 3 months???

    1. Hi Shafi! That’s about how long it takes our average student to pass. All students are different though so depending on your time you could pass quicker as well!

  13. I’ve taken and passed 3 of 4 of my GED test and was wondering about how long of an opportunity I have to complete my final test. Also how and where can I take my final exam so I can get my GED sooner even with this COVID19 going on.

  14. My kids just had a baby and is 17 she want to get her ged she is in 10 grade can she get her ged

  15. How long do I wait to get my results back?
    And if I fail a subject how long do I wait to take the test again?

      1. Hi I am interested in getting my GED , What Should I do first I want to do the practice testes ? I was thinking to see where I’m at . I’ve been out of school since 2013 I’m now 26

  16. My testing center says I have to do classes with them, but I just need to study and get my ged quickly without the classes at the testing center. Is it possible for me to study online and just schedule a test without doing the classes at the testing center?

  17. I’m 17 and I’ve been out of school for the past year and I’m trying to get my GED is that possible.

    1. Hi Christina. You’d need to schedule your tests all at once. That is most likely too short of a time.

  18. I’m tired of this pandemic! I don’t like my kids being guinea pigs and glued to synchronize learning. Can my teenage kids take this test? I have a 16 and a 15 year old. Or should I wait until they are a year older?

    1. Hi Rose. You should wait till they are older if they are currently in school. Many states do not allow for underage testing. Thank you!

  19. I would love to take the practice test and the Ged test but it says you can’t do it through this website in Indianapolis . I need help please!

  20. Hi
    I’m currently in a GED class/ school but I’m trying to do things faster because I have a job as well and a toddler so I don’t really want to keep stressing out on missing my classes or calling out from work when I can just take the test? Is there anything I can do to take it sooner rather than in a year?

  21. Hello, what is the time limit between the subject tests?
    I mean can I take math test and study for science for two monthes and take the third subject and study the RLA for two moths ?

  22. Do you know how long of a wait there is once you scedule a ged test ……like can i scedule it for tomorrow does that depend on where i take the test or what

    1. Hi Forrest. There should be no wait. You should be able to schedule the test within the week or earlier.

  23. I’m glad you mentioned how if you’re taking a test, enrolling in a course could help you get there. I think that if you want to get a certification or pass an exam, it’s a great idea to get the help of someone who’s already been there. And who’d be able to give you pointers and help with your questions. Thanks for your information about how to be prepared to take a test.

    1. Hi Jason. You will receive an email right after you pass your final subject with a copy of your e-diploma and e-transcript. These are your official diploma and transcript — you should download and save these documents for your records.

  24. I have just moved here in the US and had done 2 A-levels back home which is not sufficient to get a transcript. Now can I take the GED test and have a transcript??

  25. Hi, I’m a sophomore in high school and covid has made me want to just get a ged, would i have to take more classes to be prepared? also is the test more difficult because I’m younger or does the difficulty level just depend on the preparation classes?

  26. I took my science test over a week ago and still haven’t got my test results, can it take longer with covid going on?

  27. In Texas, my nephew is 18 & went to high school in Texas, but has been staying with me in Louisiana. He has been trying to get his GED from Texas, but they are telling him that he HAS to go back to Texas to take 12 hours of GED classes in person BEFORE he can take any tests online. He DOES NOT have reliable transportation to be able to take in person classes in Texas or Louisiana. What are his options? Anxiously awaiting your answer…..Thanks

  28. My wife got her HS diploma in Italy. She needs a GED for the US. How quickly can she obtain one? Does she need to go through all the classes at a facility or can she take them online? The last thing is, can she just take the tests online?

    1. Hi Robert. Once she passes all 4 tests she’ll have her diploma. On average it takes students 3 months but can go faster depending on how prepared you are. She is not required to go through classes. If she is living in the U.S. she can take the test online. Here is more info:

  29. Don’t delete the comment. Y’all really exempted/ failed a child from the test because a door was accidentally opened and immediately closed. That’s disgusting and so unjustified. You guys are watching and observing the students and could clearly see there was no interaction but apparently y’all don’t care, you guys really failed a child for an open and closed door . No words from the other person yet y’all decided to exempt a child from their ged test. Where can I talk to somebody for help, this is so unacceptable and needs to be justified .

  30. Hi,
    I’m from Sri Lanka and I just really wanna know if I could use the GED transcript in replace of High School Transcript for top US universities like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, or Princeton? Can you provide a link or something for a list of universities which consider GED transcript?

    1. Hi Saniru! You can find the universities that accept the GED here: Feel free to search by university but if the university you’re looking for does not populate, it means it might not accept the GED and you should contact the university to make sure.

  31. I passed a lot of my high school courses but am missing some. If I find out exactly which subjects are missing, can I take the GED test only in the missing subjects and get a full GED diploma?

    Also, can you help me figure out how long it would take me to prepare for the GED: I am a very bright, quick learner and I was went through 4 full years of high school (just didn’t complete all my work; and not because of lack of academic ability but for other reasons beyond my control), graduated 5 years ago.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Yocheved! You would still need to take all 4 tests to earn your GED diploma. On average it takes students 3 months to get their GED, however, based on your previous education you may be able to earn it faster. It depends on how well you know the material and how much time you can dedicate to studying! We suggest taking the GED Ready Practice Test to understand how prepared you are for each test!

  32. If I do one or two of my tests is there a time frame in which the rest of these tests need to be completed?

  33. Hello, my question is once I complete each test, do I receive a certificate of passing. Or do I receive just one Certificate for passing all of the sections to complete the GED?

  34. heyy! when I sign make an account, it asks me for my information as it shows on my ID… but I don’t have my license yet nor do I have a passport. do I have to have that information in order to move forward?

  35. Hi I’m from Nepal. Is there any problem of exam gaping? Like i have already passed out 3 of the subjects 2years ago and now 1 subject is left. can I give it now??

  36. Is there a time frame in which all four tests must be taken?

    Eg: If I take the Math test next week and pass it, can I take the social studies test in 12 months time and the Math is still considered good? Can the tests be spaced as far apart as I need, or do all 4 have to be completed and passed within a certain timeframe?

  37. I wanna get my ged within this year. I only have barely 3 months. So should I schedule the test now or a week before the exams ?

  38. Hi, I would like to get my GED before I go to the US, I am currently in the Caribbean but I am a citizen of the US I want to be able to get it before so I can apply for a good-paying job. Is that possible?

  39. I did my math test 2 years ago ..i still have english language is there a timing or can in do it after 3 months

    the time gap between first and last exam can be 2 years and 3 months ?

    and if i passed my math test but i want to re do it , how you calculate both math exams? i am thinking to have a scolarship so i might need higher points
    thank You

  40. Hi my name is Loretta Williams I am 47 years old. I did not finish high school I made it to the 10th grade.Now I know that I need a high school diploma or a GED in order to get an good paying job. Am I’m to old to get my GED if not can you please send me to the right place so I could do my GED online

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