How a GED Can Help You Get a Job

Are there jobs you can get without a high school diploma or GED? Yes, but more and more employers are requiring a GED or high school diploma. In fact, only about 27 percent of US jobs don’t require a GED or diploma, which means that the vast majority of jobs do require one.

Getting a GED can open the door to many new opportunities. And with great online resources, you can get a GED and start applying for better jobs that will get you started down an exciting new career track.

Jobs You Can Get with a GED

The majority of industries have some types of jobs available for people with a high school education. Here is a list of some of the industries and types of jobs you can get with a GED.

Administrative Office Support

These jobs let you work in an office and use your general computer and literacy skills. Roles include: 

  • Administrative assistants or secretaries
  • Bill collectors
  • Customer service representatives
  • Financial clerks
  • Information clerks
  • Receptionists
  • Tellers

Artists can pursue work in crafts, fine art, or floral design.

Building and Grounds Cleaning

A GED can help get you work in: 

  • Grounds maintenance
  • Cleaning and janitorial roles
  • Pest control
Community and Social Services

A GED can help to get you a job as a: 

  • Community health worker
  • Social service assistant
  • Counselor (in some areas)
Construction, Installation, and Repair

You can work in and around land and buildings in many roles with a GED, including as a(n): 

  • Construction laborer
  • Carpenter
  • Glazier (window setter)
  • Ironworker
  • Sheet metal worker
  • Woodworker
  • Equipment operator
  • Installer of insulation, drywall, tile, or security systems 
  • Machinist
  • Masonry worker
  • Electrician

Look for apprenticeships and on-the-job training programs to learn a valuable trade.

Food Service and Preparation

Restaurants and catering companies often don’t even require a GED, so you might be ahead of some of your coworkers if you have one. Roles include: 

  • Bartender
  • Baker
  • Cook
  • Food prep worker
  • Waiter or other staff member
Forestry, Fishing, and Farming

These industries involve being outside and working with natural systems. Roles include: 

  • Farming equipment operator
  • Animal breeder
  • Hunter’s working hand or apprentice
  • Fishing deckhand
Healthcare and Personal Care 

You can assist in healthcare, which is one of the biggest industries in the US, with a GED. Roles include: 

  • Childcare worker
  • Nurse or healthcare assistant 
  • Aide in home health, occupational or physical therapy, personal care, or psychiatric settings

Legal professionals usually have a higher education, but you can work in the legal industry with a GED as a:

  • Title abstractor
  • Title examiner
  • Title searcher

Managing others is a great way to earn more and experience greater responsibility. Start with a GED at an entry-level position, work hard, and learn a lot, and you may rise to a management role in industries such as: 

  • Food service
  • Agriculture or ranching
  • Real estate
  • Property management
  • Lodging

With a GED, you can apply for job roles that are responsible for protecting people, including: 

  • Bailiff
  • Correctional officer
  • Private detective
  • Security guard
  • Surveillance officer
  • Police officer (in some locations)

Motivated workers have been attracted to sales for centuries. It’s a way of directly affecting the income of companies. You can become quite valuable as a(n): 

  • Insurance salesperson
  • Manufacturing or wholesale salesperson
  • Retail sales representative
  • Cashier

Meet a variety of people and see different areas with a transportation job, which can include: 

  • Aircraft cargo handling supervisor
  • Bus driver
  • Delivery truck driver
  • Taxi driver
  • Chauffeur
  • Marine oiler or sailor

The Sky is the Limit with a GED

If nothing on the list above is appealing to you, don’t worry. When you get your GED, you are opening doors for your future. Earning a GED can be a stepping stone to allow you to continue on to a college education or a certificate that may lead you to any job you want. The first step to all of this begins with earning your GED. 


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  1. So hypothetically by getting my GED now, I can enroll in college before I am supposed to graduate? This being said, will a GED be as effective as a diploma?

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