GED Graduate Highlight: Meet Reggie

Meet Reggie our next GED student highlight. Leaving high school at age 15 was a tough decision, but Reggie understood that it just wasn’t the right learning environment for him. Crowded classes and endless distractions didn’t mix well with his learning style. He tried hard to fit into the group setting, but knowledge wouldn’t stick unless he studied on his own.

One day, his coach made a life-changing suggestion for Reggie to try the GED®  program. He’s a Special Olympics athlete; basketball and track are his favorite sports. He could finally focus on studying and obtain his high school diploma without the distractions and stress of the classroom environment.


After a few years, Reggie enrolled in GED preparation classes at Seeds of Literacy, a local non-profit organization that supports students in achieving their high school equivalency. A big part of Reggie’s motivation came from the tutors and instructors in the program. Pursuing his GED helped Reggie regain confidence to follow his dreams.

“Learning in a crowded high school just didn’t work for me. I was much more successful getting my diploma on my own through the GED program. You can do it too, you’ve got the grit!”

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