GED Graduate Highlight: Meet Kinzie

Meet Kinzie our first GED student highlight. Kinzie overcame many obstacles on her journey to becoming a GED graduate. When she was 12 years old, she lived in Las Vegas, Nevada with her mother and younger sister. Life took a turn when her mother became an alcoholic.

Throughout this time, Kinzie had to take on the responsibility of caring for her younger sister. She began to take on the role of a parent–ensuring that her sister went to school and completed her homework everyday. Kinzie gave up her childhood so that her sister would never have to give up hers.

A few years later, Kinzie moved in with her father and stepmother. They homeschooled her and were her positive support system. They also encouraged her to start taking care of herself. She had spent so much time focusing on the wellbeing of others that she neglected herself. Kinzie realized that the first step in this process of self care would be to get her GED.

She said, “I wanted to make my stepmom proud, but also prove to myself that I could do it.” As for her advice to students, she said “Never give up. Talk yourself through it because tough times will pass.” Congratulations Kinzie– you did it!


  1. Hi Kizie,
    I am honestly happy of the way u handle with the situation and so proud to have such a hero like u.
    I know really well this kind of situation u have lived and I am inspired as well.
    Therefore,I am doing my best to improve and to make it real.

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