6 Ways to Prep for the GED So Test Day Is a Breeze

Test is a breeze


While it’s natural to feel anxious as the big day approaches, being as prepared as possible helps you take the GED test confidently. Here are a few valuable GED prep tips to help you feel prepared for your test.

1. Continue Studying Every Day 

Achieving success on each of the GED test subjects requires proper preparation. Study for at least 30 minutes each day to keep your brain active. You could even use free GED prep materials online to help you. Making this small daily commitment is one of the easiest ways to become well-versed in each area of the GED. Then, when test day arrives, your brain is ready to go because you’ve trained it well.   

2. Cut Out Distractions

It is more difficult to concentrate and retain information if you are distracted. As such, it’s probably best to ignore social media updates, emails, and phone calls while studying and focus solely on the GED test material. Your study area should only include your notes and other learning resources. 


Also, keep in mind that your attire can alter your mood on test day. Wear an outfit that is comfortable and makes you feel confident. This can give you a bit of a boost on your test.

3. Prepare Your Bag Early

Everything you need to bring should be ready the evening before so that your test will be your only focus when morning comes. Don’t forget to pack your valid government-issued ID, snacks, and your TI-30XS hand-held calculator, if necessary. If you bring gadgets, phones, wallets, and other personal items, you will have to leave them in the center’s storage facility. 

4. Get a Good Night’s Sleep the Night Before the Test 

A well-rested body and mind can lead to better test performance. Your conceptual and problem-solving abilities will improve tremendously if you get enough sleep not only on the evening of your test but also a few nights prior. Cramming rarely works when absorbing information, so it’s better to be properly rested instead. Moreover, consistently studying your GED prep materials should be enough to prepare you for the test mentally.

5. Eat a Nutritious Breakfast the Day of Your Test

A balanced and healthy breakfast can fuel your mind and body during a long test. Aim to consume food rich in omega-3 fats like salmon and mackerel because they can help boost your brainpower. Other breakfast items that can help you stay focused and keep you energized include oatmeal, eggs, toast, nuts, and yogurt.

6. Arrive Early 

Arriving at the testing center at least 15 to 30 minutes before your scheduled time gives you some time to acquaint yourself with your surroundings and feel comfortable. If you’re 15 minutes late, you might not be allowed to take the test. Remember to leave extra time for any surprises you might encounter, like heavy traffic or a closed street. Have a planned route to the site to avoid getting lost.

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