Our Story

At GED Testing Service, we have helped over 20 million students achieve high school equivalency and pursue a brighter future.
The GED is more than a diploma. It’s a program for students to develop skills that lead to success in higher education and career growth. We strive to empower all students to improve their lives through education.

Changing Lives

From lawyers to astronauts, actors to nurses, the GED alumni network spans over 90 countries with graduates from all backgrounds and age groups. For more than 75 years, GED grads have opened the door to life-changing opportunities and are proud to be role models to their families, friends and the next generation of students. We are committed to helping all students change their lives for the better.

“We believe that everyone, no matter their creed, challenge, or circumstance, should have the opportunity to pursue the college and career of their dreams.”

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The GED credential was created as a second chance opportunity for many adults who have been marginalized or needed an alternative to the traditional K-12 system. We will continue to raise the voices of historically marginalized and underserved learners, including those from Black, Latino and Indigenous communities. We will advocate for our learners, who teach each of us valuable lessons on what we stand to gain by investing in their future.

“We consider everyone on our team to be agents of change.”

Evolving to Meet Students’ Needs

Our learner-centric approach has evolved to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in today’s workforce, leading us to become the only high school equivalency credential recognized by 97% of employers and colleges.

Students rely on us for our flexibility to adapt to their learning needs, and we’ve expanded our products and services to fit how each individual learns best. Looking forward, we will continue to offer more pathways to set students up for success.

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